This article was actually meant for the Wannabe Magazine, but since they have some problems with translators, I got a green light to post it first on my blog. ;) I chose 6 blogs that I really enjoy "reading" and I hope you`ll enjoy them too. It`s a bit long post, but anyway....here it is.

For all of those who are interested in creative blogs I`m sure you already know or you`ve at least heard about Poppytalk once before reading this article.
»Poppytalk is a Canadian (Vancouver-based) design blog collecting inspiration and dedicted to promoting emerging design talent.  Founders, husband and wife duo (Jan and Earl) both worked in the design field: Jan in Communication Design and Earl in New Media as a designer and instructor.
You can also visit Poppytalk Handmade, an online "curated" and monthly-themed marketplace exhibition site which showcases handmade and vintage goods from around the world. 
On the page you can find lots of DIY projects + tutorials, great Decor, interesting recipes and weekend projects, which are really a big inspiration to me!
  1.  DIY - colour blockedcoasters
  2.  DIY - bendable fabriccake flags
  3.  Recipe: Nectarine andblack bean crunch salad
  4.  Weekend project –Outdoor Terrarium

CreatureComforts is run by lovely Ez (pronounced Ee-zee) and her blog is her little inspirational heaven.
Blog is all about celebrating the tiny details that make life so amazing and looking to find beauty in the unexpected. Ez loves sharing her creative space with you and she`s constantly inspired by all of her readers and the amazing community she has.Creature Comforts features handcrafted and manufacutured product with a focus on high-quaity design. Regularly featured products include home and personal accessories, art and photography, small business profiles, diy projects and freebies, creative inspiration, fashion and more.
*This is one long post that I really enjoyed reading and I suggest you read it too. I think this is a topic that all bloggers are thinking about. You can find the post here. (things im afraid to tell you.)
  1.  A special DIY 
  2. DIY braided hex nut bracelet
  3. Strawberrycheesecake pie
  4. DIY paper candy gift toppers

Brinja`s blog is one of the first blogs i discovered and I instantly felt in love with it. I remember that I spend like an hour or two browsing over it & just couldn`t get off the page.
Brinja`s blog is about her inspiration, crafts, family, shop and daily life.
I recommend that you check out her shop. + FB page, cuz there you can find more photos of the shop. ;) 

I chosed A mad tea party with Alis because of  diversity, I dont want you guys to get bored. I really enjoy good interior inspiration and this blog is giving me so much of it! I really love browsing through its pages with my morning coffee and make plans of my dream home in my head.
Alis recently graduated from college as an industrial designer, and have just finished her master`s degree. She decided to share her love for beautiful objects and everything creative on her blog & we all really appreciate that desicion! 

How about orange is a home of Jessica Jones, a graphic and textile designer. When she is not blogging, she`s designing. You can check her portfolio site if you are interested to know more about her work.
Her blog is great for finding some DIY inspiration + tutorials & lots of great freebies ( love it! ) !  

  1. Christmasprintables
  2. Freeprintable gift tags
  3.  Halloweenprintable labels
  4.  Freevintage style bookplates

Ungt Blod (Young blood) is the website and blog of Mette Kaerlig Hilsen, a coffe making, pizza baking, many-things-building blogger and web designer of Copenhagen, Denmark.
I˙m telling you, this blog is addictive. I love the layout and the story she is telling us with the photos.  It truly is a good blog, worth of your time to take a quick peak. 



  1. sem velik fan DIY projektov tako da bom definitivno dodala vse bloge na svojo check listo ;) Great post!

  2. Super seznam, hvala ti- večine namreč še nisem poznala :) xx

  3. Thank you very very much for the sweet words :) Have a great evening.


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