“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”
(Paulo Coelho)

Do you ever have a bad day? What a silly question, of course you do, but what do you do when it happens? 
Usually when I have one of those bad days, it gets even worse cuz it`s like the universe is against me. The scenario of what I`m talking about, would be kind of like this: on the road, I`d hit every red light possible, in the store I`d pick the cashier, that of course is the slowest + something would be wrong with the card of the person ahead of me, so I`d wait for 20 minutes and be late for work + there would be a parking ticket waiting for me (cuz I`d thought I`ll be quick, 5min max). Then, when I`d come home I`d realize I forgot my phone in the office, so I`d use the internet to reach my friends, but it wouldn`t work due to some maintenance stuff and of course I`d be deeply disappointed, and try to read a book instead (the one that`s on my must read list for a while now), but It seems I can`t find it anywhere.
So, what should a girl/boy do? 
For me it works if I lay down and enjoy some cinnamon cookies + fruit/winter flavoured tea. 
Ah yes, December is coming and I`m pleased. It`s the only month in Winter that I really enjoy in....well, at least the last two weeks of it. Ok, and maybe a week of skiing in February is also not bad. :) 

xo, Maja <3 


  1. tudi meni pomagajo ginger (spekulas ali kakorkoli se jim pri nas rece) keksi ;)

    xo I.

  2. oh tale komad, se pr men vrti nonstop! pa piškotki in čaj, tud men bi verjetno polepšal dan :) xx

  3. Danes sem prvič na tvojem blogu.Malo sem ga "prelistala" :)... Hm,ko sem prišla do torte z Nutello me je pa prav prijel krč po čem takem sladkem in mehkem :))...
    Ko imam jaz slab dan,se najraje zaprem doma in pogledam kašen dober filem...ali pa si umijem lase :),ker me to zelo sprosti.
    Lep pozdrav!XO

    1. Zdravo Jasmina! ;)
      Me veseli, da si "zašla" na moje strani in upam, da si uživala ob klikanju. :)
      Hm, reakcija ob pogledu na torto je normalna, meni to vedno naredi, ko vidim sliko! :)
      Hihi, umivanje las pa tudi mene sprošča, če ne druga se potem ful bolje počutim, ko vem da imam "svežo" glavo. ;)

      Lp, Maja


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