I don`t know if you guys know The Book Depository & that`s why I decided to tell you about it. If you like books and you enjoy reading, than for sure you will be grateful that I`m sharing this with you. ;) 
I can spend way too much time browsing over all the books and making my wishlist the largest list on the world. :) What is great about it, is that they have a free worldwide delivery + you get your books in a week or even less (of course it depends where you`re from).
I ordered long wanted "Decorate workshop" from Holly Becker and Moleskine (cuz I couldn`t find one here + it was cheaper online) and I have to say it surprised me how fast I got the packages.
Anyway, check it out, I`m sure you`ll like it + maybe you`ll find a great idea for a present, or just a good book for you to read, before going to sleep. :) 
xo, M.
A quick sneak peak into the book:


  1. Tale BD hitro stanjša naše denarnice :).

    1. Prehitro! :) Jzt se res težko upiram....
      Lp, M.

  2. js bi verjetno umrla brez te strani :D hehe

  3. I do not know how I ended up here , but yeah cool you got the book My home is in it ;)

    1. hi there! :)
      well, I don`t either, but I`m happy you did, since I`m a big fan of "vosgesparis" ! ;)

      If `m honest I`m so busy this week that I just had a quick overlook on the book, but for sure I`ll recognize your home/style. ;)

      xo, Maja

  4. Tale že ni za pred spanjem:)
    Uživaj v prebiranju in poustvarjanju!


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