Today I`m sharing with you guys a new mobile communication app called POVIO. Why? Well, there are many reasons, but I guess the most important ones are that an idea for the app came from a friend of mine - Matevž Petek and  because the app is super fun to use! I have to say I`m really proud on him, because finally his effort and enthusiasm paid of and brought him all the way to San Francisco (Way to go M.) ! ;) 
I really hope that Povio will be his & Jugoslav`s story of success.

Btw I expect that all of my international friends (erasmus family) will download this app, cuz it`s really fun to use! We can share our moments all day long + feel closer to each other, even though we are a thousand miles away! ;) Of course, my friends at home are already using this app, and if you are one of those people, that are still deciding what to do, than you`re missing out something fresh and interesting. 
From my user experience I`d say they are on a good way, they still need to make some improvements though, but the app was just launched, so give them a break and be patient! ;) 

On the 5th of March Matevž Petek & Jugoslav Petković introduced Povio at the Launch Festival in San Francisco, you can watch the video here.

"Povio is a mobile communication app that uses photos to communicate and engage, because photos are the easiest to create and consume.
There are hundreds of ways to stay in touch with your friends, but they are slow, intrusive and can`t handle more than a handful of contacts.
Povio is: 
Demand driven - your friends are asking you to share, so it`s natural to respond and doesn`t feel like bragging 
Fast - it takes 3 seconds to go from the lock screen to automatically capturing a photo of your point-of-view Engaging - once you`ve shared your photo you can ping back your friends and now it`s their turn to respond by taking a POV photo
Povio is not about vanity. Your photos don`t have to be cool and fancy. You`re just sharing what you`re doing with your friends because they asked for it. " (via)
Watch the video if you are interested to find out more:


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    1. Pridna. ;)

      pozdravi zmajčke in čim lepši dopust vam želim*

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    1. Je fino ne? ;) Ful te zasvoji, sam je res fajn, da imas velik prijatlov, ki tud uporabljajo povio, da ti je bolj zanimivo. Tko da share the news! ;)


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