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Thursday was fun. I got a chance to attend the vip fashion show that was in Citycenter Celje (that`s a shopping mall in my town) for their 7th anniversary. The theme was NEW YORK ( The Big Apple) & the dress code was "Sex in the City" - cool, right? (I know that all the girls watched Sex in the City like at least twice) 
The show was fantastic, I really enjoyed it and I got a very special place with the photographers, so the view was amazing. :) There was a lot of dancing involved on the runway, the models were great, music was pumping and the crowd had fun. Every store in the shopping mall had their own moment of glory and they all used it pretty good. Oh, and about the clothes...you know how it is, you can`t love everything. :)

Quick facts about the show:
The show was directed by Igor Jelen - Iggy & from the photos it`s obvious that he knows what he`s doing.
Stylist: Sonja Rigler
Dancers: Maestro (choreographed by Anže Škrube)
Models: Nadiya Bychkova, Iris Mulej, Karin Škufca, Sabina Remar, Jana Koteska, Sara Hudarin, Zlata Okugic, Tara Zupančič, Eva Ahačevčič, Manca in Iza Simčič ter Taiji, Saša Omerovič, Iztok Hodnik in Bojan Ilijanič
Piano: Uroš Perič

I made a selection of photos that I liked. Some are blury, some are clear and some are a bit artistic (that`s how I call my photos, when I exaggerate with everything). Keep in mind that I`m not a pro` with photography. I hope you`ll like them, cuz I do.  ;) 

Take care and have a great weekend! 
hugs & kisses, M. x

Welcome to New York

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