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As I promised, here is the second post regarding my Barcelona trip. I have to say, that this part is definitely my favorite one, since I`m `obsessed` with the seaside. I love sandy toes, curly hair, smell of a sunscreen & fishes, wet swimsuits, voleyball, picnis, bags full of sand, careless moments... everything that`s connected with the seaside really.
It was still a bit cold, so we didn`t swim, but I did walk barefoot on the sand & dipped my toes in the water, which was good enough at that time. ;) Anyway, spending a day at Barcelona beach is a must-do experience, so don`t forget to do that while you`re in the city!

xo, M.


  1. Res super fotke, ah, morje, poletje, where the f*** are you?! Pa sploh še nisem bila v Barceloni, moram se zmigat...


    1. Gita, slisala sem, da se v sredo pricne vrocinski val... tko da, get ready for the summer! ;)
      Barcelona je pa super, definitivno priporočam! xx

  2. Malo ti zavidam, da si bosonoga hodila po pesku in jih namakala v vodi. Čudovite fotke. (:


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