Oh, I`m so into autumn right now. I`m eating pumpkins every day -  soup, gnocchi, fried, grilled...whatever a man can do out of a pumpkin! Ok, I also love apples (mmm apple pies <3 ), colourful trees, fresh breeze, grapes, chestnuts, even the rain is not bothering me, I kind of enjoy it. 
Actually when I think, I must look pretty weird while riding my bicycle and smiling + singing, cuz there is my favorite song playing on my mp3. I don`t care that it`s windy or rainy, I just enjoy it. It`s easier when you decide not to care how your hair will look like when you`ll arrive to work, or that you`ll probably arrive all sweaty (extra t-shirt + deodorant do miracles), oh and your mascara will probably be all over your face cuz your eyes are producing tears from the wind (so don`t put mascara at home, do it at work! p.s. Vanja knows what I`m talking about) and so on .... :) 
As you can see this is another food post, so I should stop talking bullshit and tell you about the recipe! 
I found it on Bratinov.si, check it out, you`ll be hungry in a second. Beautiful photos and wonderful recipes, but it`s not in English, sorry. :) So, I took one of his recipes and did it with a twist. Basically instead of using sage, I used rosemary + bay leaves and I`m honest when I say, that even the smell while cooking, was delicious, so you know that the final product was superlicious. :) 
Thank you Bratinov for sharing the recipes with us! :) 

The recipe for "Pumpkin Gnocchi with Rosemary": 

1/2 hokaido pumpkin
1 egg
bay leaves
salt/pepper/garlic (dry) 
ricotta (it`s in the original recipe, but I didn`t use it)

I used half of the pumpkin for two people, could be for three. 

First you cut the pumpkin into pieces, than put it into a boiling water and leave it until it`s cooked. Take it out and mash it. 
Add the egg + flour (trust your gut with how much of it) and knead the dough. Then you make a long snake out of it and cut little pretty gnocchi out of it. Cook them in a boiling water and take them out when they come to surface, because that means they`re done.

The next step is frying them a bit in a pan. I used coconut butter (1 cube of it) and first I just used rosemary + bay leaves, so that the aroma was good and than added gnocchi for a minute on each side. 

That`s it, they`re ready to be served. 

** btw, I just finished with baking around 100 muffins. lol. Why? Well, you`ll have to check my FB page if you wan`t an answer for that one.**


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  1. Tudi jaz sem danes pobral svojo prvo hokaido bučo, ki mi je zrasla na balkonu. Nekaj bo treba naredit iz nje, ampak še ne vem kaj. Ta recpet pa sem tudi že jaz videl pri Bratinov-u. Enostaven in dober.


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