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Guys, here they are .. Postcards from Slovenia! ;) Everything really started with this post, when I got an email from a very nice lady, that wanted to buy my postcards (all the way from Singapore btw). At that time I wasn`t really thinking about selling them, but yeah, why not? 
They are available separately or in a package and on two different types of paper. One is more smooth, so they look like more of a photo and the other one has more texture, so they look more like paintings. Depends what you like, more artistic look or more of a traditional one. So, please tell me, what do you think?! What`s your favourite one? 
If you are interested , please write me an email --> mikstejp.blog@gmail.com
I think they are a beautiful gift for your foreign friends or friends that are studying/living abroad + they look great on the wall/refrigerator or in your notebooks/diaries. :)


oh yeah and sorry for the grainy photos, the light was not good. damn, I hate when it gets dark so soon already! 


  1. Full dober si se tole spomnila in izgleda res super. Mogoče ker rad fotkam, so mi ljubše te, ki so na fotopapirju.

    1. Hvala, mi veliko pomeni, še posebej, ker imaš rad fotografijo. ;)
      Drugače pa ja, fotopapir je fin, sem tud jzt v precepu, nikakor se ne morem odločit kaj mi je ljubše. :)

  2. Hey Maja! It would be awesome if you could make a calendar with your beautiful photos! I'd definitely buy it.
    You could even have local Slovenian businesses advertise.
    Maybe it’s too late now, but next year :)))

    Good luck !



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