:: WOODY the Christmas Tree ::

Uh, it`s a long time since my last post, but that`s what happens when you`re busy. It`s really not usual for me, that I don`t have time for blogging, pinterest and all the other internet fun. I kind of miss it, but from time to time, life hits me really hard and I have to work on other things a bit more.
Today, I`ll introduce to you one of the projects we are working on right now and that`s "Woody the Christmas Tree". Woody is made out of a spruce wood, so it`s natural and very stylish. There are two versions of it, Woody Natural or Woody White, whatever goes best into your space/place. 
We made a FB page for it (here), so please don`t hesitate to give a big like to Woody and share the news. 
If you are from Celje or Ljubljana, you can check out Woody White in stores of And by Andraž, along with the recycled ornaments made by moi. :) 
Of course, you can also have a Woody of your own, just write me an email, so we can discuss the details! ;) 
Xo, Maja

woody natural

And by Andraž - Citypark Ljubljana
the ornaments


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