It`s here, the magical December that we were all waiting for to come. I`m really not a winter type, cuz I`m freakin` cold all the time (seriously, what`s up with that?), but there is something special about December. 
I love the cinnamon smell and I always bake like crazy (not just in december, but during the whole winter), because honestly, what`s better than a house that smells of freshly baked cookies (yum!). I love hot chocolate or a big cup of cacao with marshmallows, I love chunky sweaters, twinkling lights, festive atmosphere, x-mass decorations, fireplace, snowlakes falling from the sky, dinners with family and friends, ... and so on. I`m sure you feel the same way, right? Or maybe not? 
Anyhow, this are some of the moments from my Instalife..
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1. Weekend breakfast , 2. Sunday afternoon, 3. Nails love, 4. Pelicon - Slovenian beer on kickstarter + it`s really tasty, 5. Opening of a Pop-up Home, 6. Art - a store, where my wallet loses weight very easily :)
Ok, gotta go now, cuz I`m baking something good....you`ll find out soon what I`m talking about.
Cheers! x

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  1. Perfect!
    In... tvoji nohti... moji so tol'k zanič, da jih vedno hitro opazim:)

    Uživaj v decembrskih dneh!


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