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Another friend of mine surprised me with the recipe. This time we`re sharing some love from France
Oh yes, I love French food, don`t you? Especially, I love the famous onion soup! Yummy! 
Anyhow, I realized only guys are participating in this little project of mine, but where are the girls? Aude, Inga, Klara, Nela, .. where are you?! :) People will think, that only guys are dancing in the kitchen, but we know, that`s not entirely true, right? ;) Don`t get me wrong boys, I`m really happy you took this so seriously. ;) 

So, let`s meet monsieur Pierre and his recipe for the French onion soup! ;) 

Please your friend or your lover with this wonderful Winter "French Onion" soup!

For 4 people you will need: 
  • 3 couple of onions (this mean 6, but you can add more, because nowadays a couple can mean a trio..)
  • Butter (remember, more butter is better!) - Don`t be stingy on that point
  • 40cl of white wine (but you can add more, if you really love your friend)
  • 1 Vegetable stock cube
  • Rusty/hard/over passed bread cut in dice
  • Grated cheese
  • Water (in order of how much wine you put into the pot, you need to add water to get about 1L of your mix)
  • 3 laurel leaves
  • Salt and Pepper (but do I need to precise that?)

How to do it?
On a fried pan, let the mother hell piece of butter melt and add the already sliced onion. Leave it untill the onion turns yellow/gold. Don`t forget on SALT & PEPPER! ;) 
Meanwhile add the wine, water, vegetable stock and the laurel leaves in a big pot. Let it boil. 
Once the onion is ready, take laurel leaves out of the pot (because they`re not really good to eat) and mix the onion with the soup. Leave it cooking together for 10 minutes. 

Turn your oven to 200°C and pre-heat it for 10 minutes. 
If you are fancy enough you might have individual bowl that can go to the oven, if not use a proper pot. 

Serve the soup in the main/individual pot, add the hard bread and the cheese on the top and let it cook for a while. To obrain the "gratine" effect, insert your pot into the oven and let it "bake" for a while (it means about15 minutes but it also mean that you have to check  it oftenly to NOT let it burn).

Set the table, take it out, warm up with the soup and you are ready for the night!

Pierre (aka Lupo, aka Pagi aka many other nicknames) lives in Perpignan in the south of France, near the border of Spain. Originally from Lyon, the gastronomy capital of France, he loves cooking traditional recipes from his region and sharing it around the table with good friends. Lucky him, his beloved one works in a wine industry, so their meals are always followed with a good bottle of wine. Now you know, that you are more than welcome to stop by their place. 


  1. But it looks like the bread has drunk all soup :(

    1. Hi Anonymous! :)
      hehe, I think that`s totally fine? I`m not an expert or anything, but as far as I remember, all the french soups I`ve tried were kind of like this. There`s not much water in it, but the taste is really rich + you can easily have it for the main dish. ;)

      Take care
      M. x

  2. Yums. I will make it next week. Perfect soup to keep you warm with all this shitty British weather.

    1. Sam, let me know if it was a success! ;) Btw, Im still waiting for you to join the team, so don`t let me wait for too long, allright? ;) p.s. I see Free gyms is happening, so maybe smth connected with fitness food? :D Anyhow, think about it. xx

  3. The water is under the crunchy part, but if needs you can add more water/wine :) Enjoy people!

  4. Tale juha meni ne deluje kot juha... se pa bere in vidi več kot zanimiva....
    Modra pa kdaj poskusimo in se ob njej počutimo kot v središču Francije:)

  5. Butter butter butter, dont be shy, you can also add 1 spoon of floor. You can put water, but it is prettty good only with wine.


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