#1 Winter arrived. There`s ice everywhere, but you`re fine as long as you walk as a pinguin (they say).
#2 I do enjoy baking banana cake over and over again and than, even more eating it! :)
#3 Long walks in fluffy snow are great for clearing your mind and some fresh air + you get a bonus - burnt calories.
#4 While walking through the city, don`t you forget to look up! That`s where the real beauty is hidden.
#5 Vitamin C is important for you, but you already know that, right? I j˛`adore (one of the 6 french words that I know) mandarines!
#6 Throwing a party for your friends? Make it simple, dip dip baby. Sauces + carrot + tortillas = happy people. ;)

xo, M.

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  1. Krasne fotografije! Ujemi čim več svojih trenutkov!
    p.s. A ne, da je v Celju nekaj zelo zanimivih stavb?


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