I`m sick. Blah. Running nose, lot`s of tea, sleeping marathons, morning sauna moments before hitting the shower... you know, the usual sickness treatment. 
Today I`m a bit better, I can even look in the screen for a bit, but just a bit, so, I`m going to be short ..  

Ah, 14th of February and Valentine`s day.... what can I say, I`m not a fan (sorry, I know, so ungirlish of me (is that a word?)), but anyway, pinterest & all the blogs, are full with this pretty prints and DIY projects, so I said, why not have a little fun with that anyway! 
In this post, I`ve chosen four of the printables that I really liked and in the next one, I`ll show you my favourite diy projects. ;) 

What`s up with you and Valentine`s? Are you big on it? Share some thoughts with me. ;) 
xo, M.

1. Free printable Tea set  ; 2. I`m donuts over you  (my fav! probably cuz of the donuts lol) ; 3. Valentine treat boxes ; 4. Fold & Send V.


  1. really great printables and even though valentines days has already passed there is no reason not to print these out and just surprise your bf or gf with them!

    rae of lovefromberlin


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