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Some people are really keen on Instagram and some are not. Well, I belong to the first group. I love watching photos, especially if they come from a creative and inspirational people.
I decided to pick one of my favorite iggers each month, starting with July and "malaposastmici" - a girl that loves spending time in the nature and has a great sense of capturing beautiful moments.

Tell us a bit about yourself ..
I'm a 20 and something old girl, a lawyer by profession. You could say I’m a full time researcher - I’m currently making a living as a junior researcher in a private company, and in my free time, I’m researching the rest of the world. In the recent years, I’ve become a real sports addict. Besides mountaineering, I enjoy running, playing tennis, skiing and horseback riding. I love cats, black coffee and nicely arranged food on my colorful plates. I hardly ever watch television, it makes me nervous.

What does Instagram means to you? 
Instagram is my diary of everyday fragments in square photographs, captured by my phone camera. It’s also a great place to meet interesting people and find inspiration. 

Where do you find inspiration?
A lot of it comes from thinking about different things I have seen or experienced

How come you spend so much time in the Mountains?
Because I was born in Gorenjska (the Slovenian Alps region) and been living there my whole life, I think the love for the mountains is written in my DNA. It’s hard to explain why. You get the whole “package”: the planning, the expectation, the adventure, and the unexpected. There is a lot of sweat, and sometimes there are tears, sometimes you want to quit along the way to the top, but you push yourself, mentally and physically, just a little bit more. You forget about your everyday worries, you left them far behind. Different kind of things matter in the mountains, and that is a nice change from the daily routine.

What would be your favourite quote?
“Every time, I was in the mountains, I was happy. I realized that there is no large, absolute happiness, but there are a lot of small fortunes, which can be repeated.” (Dr. Miha Potočnik)

What`s your favourite place in Slovenia and abroad? 
There are so many beautiful places in Slovenia, but if I had to choose I would say Kranjska Gora, where I spent a lot of time and the alpine valley Vrata, because it is the starting point of the most beautiful mountain tours in Slovenia and the valley itself offers breathtaking views of Julian Alps. As for abroad, traveling across Sardinia and Sicily left a special place in my heart

What`s your message to the world?
You should always find the time to do the things you love. 

Thank you D., it was a pleasure! ;) 

xo, M.


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