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Berlin, du bist so wunderbar!

Flea market, Friedrichshain

Breakfast Market
the breakfast

I`ve finally made it to Berlin this last weekend. It was a bit extra, cuz I even had a b-day on Sunday, which was pretty amazing btw. ;) Saturday we partied until the morning in with Wilde Renate (I`ll repeat that for sure) and than Sunday, was for markets and karaoke .. of course, with a bad case of a hangover. :) 
Honestly, I took just a few photos in the whole weekend, because there was so much going on, that I didn`t even remember to take photos + sometimes, I just prefer not to focus on what I want to capture, but just simply enjoy myself. So, yeah, I loved Berlin. The city is pretty amazing, but I wasn`t really impressed by the architecture, but the people!! Oh, wow, the people. They are the ones that make this city magical. <3
I was also lucky enough to meet some old friends of mine, which was really great, so maybe that was an extra cherry for me. :) 


Now, I have a new dream. To live in Berlin. Searching for a job... if you know something, let me know, or if you are a Berliner and you need some super extra forces...let me know! I can do magic as well. :) 

hugs + kisses
Maja (the dreamer) 

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