|cuisine| :: Kitchen is one of those places, where I feel really good dancing around ::

A fact: I love cooking, but not everyday. :) Haha, does that make sense? 
I love it, when I have enough time, so I can put on my comfy clothes, prepare some awesome music (because, of course, I also love to dance while cooking) and simply enjoy being creative, messy and innovative. I don`t love it that much, when I`m busy and I just need to put something together, so that I won`t starve or eat junk food instead. Of course, that happens a lot, since I manage to be busy 24/7. Seriously, I need to slow down a bit, because I`ll overburn otherwise, but that`s hard if you are like me. To feel good, I need to be busy + there`s so much going on right now! (new projects on the horizon - yey!) 

So the recipe for this is quite simple. I decided to try with gluten free food for 14 days + as less sugar as possible. Today is my fourth day. We`ll see how it goes, since I`m a choco addict. So, basicaly, bbq-ed corn on the top of lettuce, covered with garlic-greek yoghurt-parsley sauce (superlicious!) + a bit of mozzarela for spoiling myself. ;) On the right side, buckwheat porridge with onions, pumpkins, carrot, cashews & fennel. Just stir fry everything using olive oil or coconut butter and in the end add porridge, mix it, spice it up, put some lime juice over it and you`re ready to eat! ;)

Btw, can`t wait for the next week, when I`ll be dancing at a concert instead of my kitchen. ;)
GRAMATIK - Hit That Jive - check it out and dance with me. 

Hugs xx 
(another fact: Maja loves to hug people)


  1. Replies
    1. Ajda, okus je bil top. Omakca na koruzi je fantasticna. ;) sprobaj, ti ne bo zal. 😊

  2. Replies
    1. Ob priliki lahko ponovimo, koruza je se vedno aktualna. ;) xx

  3. Ta koruza.... obožujemo jo... za prilogo še ne vem, če bo prostor zanjo :)
    Saj čas hitro beži... dvakrat se obrneš, pa boš plesala...
    Odločitev, da poskusiš ni slaba. Zdrži in... poročaj o uspehu :)


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