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One of the things that I love to do is living a sporty healthy lifestyle. When I was younger I played tennis (a long time ago) and later I was dancing hip hop (loved it!). Nowadays I love to run. It gives me time for me and my thoughts, the music that I love (I always run with music, it`s a big motivator for me, maybe because I used to dance, who knows) and most important, after a long, hard day it`s the only thing, that gives me energy. <3 Well, ok, I also love hiking, spending time in the nature and try to eat as healthy as possible. Ah, yes, times do change. :) No worries though, I`m still up for a good party night. ;) Anyhow, I wanted to say that being sporty is a big part of my life, so I`ll make interviews with people that I admire and that are an inspiration to me and other people.

First on the list is Urška, a girl that never runs out of positive energy and is a true fighter.
Check out her blog and facebook to find more information/inspiration (it`s written in Slovene, so you better use google translator if you don`t understand it). :)

1. What would you say, being active means to you?
Working out is such a massive part of my life. It means healthy relationship with my body, self-consciousness and beside that, it is also very socializing. :) 

2. What`s your favourite sport? Is it just a hoby for you or are you taking it to the next level?
My favourite sport is definitely running. I love to run marathons, but more than competing with others, I`m competing with myself. Beating my own record, means everything to me. :)

3. Who or what influences you?
My boyfriend. He`s an Ironman and I love watching the discipline and motivation that he showes. It˙s contagious. 

4. Are you listening music while training? Is there any song that gives you that extra boost when you need it?
Music is my doping, so yes, it's big part of my training. I love to listen strong and hard rock rhythms. They keep me going while sprinting or doing long distance runs in the nature.

5. Do you prefer to train indoor or outdoor?
100% outdoor. That`s why I`m not a fan of the time between summer and spring. I think I should move somewhere with non stop summer. :)) 

6. What`s the hardest thing you`ve ever done?
I hate doing interval trainings (15x400 for ex.), I usually cry doing them.
Last year I was competing in a 10km run and it was 40 degrees outside, so I suffered from a huge dehydration... and last race, 28km trail was hard as well - dehydration again. :) Got to do something about my water intake :)) haha

7. Name one thing you can`t live without.
Independency. I live by "never complain - never explain" rule. You`re the creator of your own fortune and happines and no one can take it away from you, but yourself.

8. Favorite breakfast? p.s. We all like simple recipes.
Cereals with quark and some vanilla proteins with water (mixed together), sprinkled with nuts and blueberries.
I love to have that as my pre-workout meals as well. :))

9. Do you have any piece of gear that you don`t imagine training without?
Running shoes for sure. :) 

10. As a girl, do you like to combine fashion and sport?
Love it! Always spending too much money on that. But I believe that you need to feel good while working out and that`s why nice clothes are big part of my trainings. :))

11. Any special goals for the future?
Considering sports - no. Professional sport was a big part for more than half of my life and I`m done with that. I love running, but I don`t have any professional goals about that.
On the other hand I know that I will dedicate my life to sport and wellness - as a trainer and holistic nutritionist. I love working with others and share my knowledge.

I hope you enjoyed the interview! ;) If you would like to be featured in one of the next posts or you have a friend that would be perfect for it, let him/her know or let me know, so I can get in touch with him/her.  Let`s hope for a lot of sporty, healthy, fit people that are an inspiration/
motivation to many people.  

Good night! xx

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  1. Krasno! Hvalaaaaaaa! Tako zelo sem potrebovala nekaj takega:). Me je zagrabilo, da bi sedaj šla en krog. Že sedem let ne tečem in ... obžalujem, da sem prenehala... in bi bil skrajni čas...da bi spet...
    Se veselim naslednjega športnega navdiha!


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