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I`ve just realized that it`s been a month since my last post. I have so many things on my plate, that it`s hard to juggle between everything. In the end, it happens that I don`t do them as good as I would wish for and then I`m dissapointed. Anyhow, last month was hectic. First I was sick, then I had some problems with my teeth, then it was already time to move from Celje to Ljubljana and that was quite a project especially since Jaka was in hospital at that time (he`s ok, still recovering, but feeling much better), which means that I had to pack and move boxes mostly by myself + I had help from the family which was life saving <3 (thanks everyone) + I had to attend a class at the uni, write a paper and on Tuesday I have an exam + things at work havent been normal for a while. So, obviously all my side projects that I love to do, cuz they`re more of a creative nature have to wait for better times. I haven`t even went for a run for freakin` two months. Ahh... but things will change! Haha, ok, and inbetween all this things I had a weekend in Berlin with my international "family" which was superfantastic! (I still love the city and still want to move there!). I`ll make a short photo report, cuz yet again, I didn`t have much time to capture the city. I was more focused on my friends and partying. :)

Oh, if anyone wants to meet in Ljubljana for a coffee/lunch/hanging out/partying/hiking or whatever really, I`d be more then happy if you contact me. ;) 

xo, m.

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  1. Oj! Niti slutila nisem, da si v Ljubljani. Življenje je polno nepredvidljivih reči... Tako prijetnih kot manj prijetnih... A naj bo tvoje in vajino vsak dan znova obsijano s sončkom!
    Mahamo iz Celja:)


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