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Christmas is right around the corner, twinkling lights are everywhere, smell of the gluehwine on the streets, beautiful Christmas trees ... I`d just love to see a few snowflakes before the Christmas. What do you say Santa? Will you make my wish come true? ;) (I think there are plenty of you with the same wish out there, so if we wish for it really badly, maybe it will come true) :) 
+ and yes, I secretly still believe in Santa! #nevergrowup

Pinterest (I love it as a DIY project)


Anyway, guess what. I`m sick again, this time with a flu. Ah, it`s ok, I`m getting better already and sleeping for two days really did magic to my body, even though I still feel the pain in all my muscles.  There was so much going on, that I forgot to take care of myself.. never a good idea. Btw, do you remember our tree - Woody the (Christmas) tree? Well, we got a warning that a designer that did a similar tree might start a lawsuit against the shop that has our tree in the window/showcase, cuz we apparently stoled the design (wtf!?), so they have to remove it. What a Christmas spirit killer. I really don`t get people like that, what`s their fear? I mean she didn`t really invented anything new, since you can find a couple of the same examples on pinterest, even DIY projects for it! Sometimes the Slovenian mentality really deeply dissapoints me. Oh, and just to be clear, it`s not the same, it was not copied and our tree can be used in more ways. Just so you know. (haha Im so pissed off because of this) 
Hm, so maybe Santa can help with this problem as well? #ibelieveinmiracles

Oh, and another thing... 
This photo is from our event on Saturday, that was held by our Association Živa Kreativa (Facebook). It was wonderful! <3 
I tell you more in one of the next posts. About the event and all about what we`re doing. I`ll be posting more now, I think my mojo for blogging is back. ;)

So, keep in touch! 
btw, did you bake any cookies already? Do you have some kick ass recipes for me? Oh, what about the decorations? Do you already have a tree and the lights? ohh, I love this time of the year! It`s so pretty! <3

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  1. Sem bila v mislih tam:). Lepo je videt in doživeto za slišat!
    Meni se je čas kar prehitro zavrtel in... drugo leto načrtujem prej vse do potankosti:) z dreveščkom vred. Vsaj tistim, službenim... Doma preko praznikov vedno pobegnemo, odnesemo nekaj reči s sabo, čarobno improviziramo, pa vsako leto dobro izpade. Piškotki bodo tokrat iz mamine kuhinje, posledica preveč dogodkov naenkrat.
    Verjamem, da najdeš ravno prav idej za sladkosti, takšne kot imata rada!
    Prijeten preostanem meseca in ... naj bo pravljično!


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