Yo! Whatsup? :) I posted this photo on Insta yesterday and promised you guys a recipe, so the only smart thing to do is to share it, before you get all cranky and anxious about it. :)
It`s really easy, quick and a real deal meal! :) Everybody will love it, trust me, you can`t go wrong with this, unless you get really annoyed when people are asking you for a recipe. ;)

You`ll need: 
- young fresh spinach
- feta cheese
- tomatos (cherry tomato preferable)
- pine nuts 
- prosciutto
+ puff pastry (I just bought it, but you can do it yourself if you want to exceed the expectations) ;) 

You just cut everything into pieces and fill the pastry with it. Play with the pastry and make triangles, squares... you know, we love geometry. <3  ;) I usually bake it in the oven for 15min on 180°C.
Oh, and when I close it, I spread the egg on the top of it and put some seeds for the esthetic look (sesame or pumpking seeds are a good choice). 

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Cheers (gin&tonic one)! xx

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  1. Mmmm, njami! Hitro in enostavno. Okusno in nadvse privlačno za oči in brbončice!
    Ujemi pomlad!


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