If you are following my social media channels you already know that last weekend I had a blast, thx to agency MGM Media Optima d.o.o. that invited me on a trip to explore North-East part of Slovenia, along with few other bloggers/journalists. If you are curious who was with me, check out this link, where you can vote for your favourite blogger/journalist (don`t mind if I suggest you vote for me) and use #nasvetzadobroseimet to check what we`ve posted during our trip and afterwards as well. ;)

a mix(tejp) preview of the things to come ;)

I have a lot of material to share with you guys, so I was thinking a lot about how exactly I want to do that. First of all, I`d like for you to get to know that part of Slovenia a bit more, because it`s wonderful and people should give more focus and attention to it. It`s not only Bled and Postonjska jama that is worth a visit when you are planning your unforgettable experience backpacking/roadtripping/exploring our little hidden european gem (that`s how they call it!). :)

We were exploring Pomurje (the most North-Eastern, flat and agricultural region in Slovenia) & Ptuj (the oldest town in Slovenia.). The region is known for its wine, its spa towns, great food and of course, historic town of Ptuj ... so, by now, I hope you are already daydreming of you enjoying all what the region has to offer. ;)

If you have never been to Pomurje I think the description below is great:
"The dreamy countryside along the Mura River in eastern Slovenia is a land of wide fields and rounded hills, storks and wind-rattles, floating mills, healing waters and energy points, picturesque winegrowing hills, original traditions and dialects, and most of all, a land of hospitable people, who live in Slovenia`s largest agricultural region." (http://www.slovenia.info/)

& Ptuj, wow, what a beautiful town! I`ll be short with description here, because I decided I`ll make one post just for the town, so you`ll get plenty of informations and photos there. Don`t forget to come back though, I promise it will be up in a couple of days. ;)

Btw, I found this cute video on youtube where you can get a preview of what to expect, but trust me, it`s not the same as if you would have a nice bike ride through the countryside, enjoy a glass of wine, taste delicious cuisine and explore the streets by yourself.. just so you know. :) 

Anyway, I think this is a solid introduction of my next few posts where I`ll give you some suggestions about where to sleep for a through authentic experience, eat traditional food, drink good wine, buy famous pumpking oil, have some adrenaline pumping through your vains, try yourself in making pottery, maybe spoil yourself with a new dress, enjoy spa and feel the luxury of a hotel.

We were lucky and got the chance to explore the region with Nissan X-trail and Qashai, thx to Avohiša Malgaj & Avtohiša Krulc
The drive was great, the car is fantastic & I`ll be happy to repeat the experience (just sayin`). :)

So, keep in touch, I promise that the virtual trip will be fun! ;)


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  1. Nice!!!!! Ponovite... kamorkoli vas ponese pot!
    Ptuj je res en takšno ljubko mestece za obiskat mimogrede.... se sprehodit, popit kakšno kavico....
    V Prekmurju smo bili lani jeseni na kratkih počitnicah. Ponovimo... ob priliki. A ste preizkusile svoje sposobnosti v adrenalinskem parku?
    Sončno pomlad, Maja!


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