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When you are tired from work & everyday routine, it`s time to pack your bags and hit the road. If you feel like you really need to get away from everyday buzz and find a unique experience in picturesque landscape, go towards Slovenske gorice in the northeastern part of Slovenia and book a room at Firbas Farmhouse. They are very much into the tradition and serving only homemade and homegrown products - yummy (trust me, I`m a foodie). ;)

If you wish to enjoy and explore Slovenia as well, go to this link --> http://www.sava-hotels-resorts.com/sl/glasuj-za-naj-nasvet-za-dobro-se-imet/ and vote for Mikstejp aka your favourite blogger and you might win a free weekend getaway in a spa of your choice! (btw, there are two left, one of them went to a very lovely lady that I know and I`m very happy that she is one of the lucky winners). ;) Check also #nasvetzadobroseimet, which is kind of hard to translate directly, but maybe  "a tip to have a good time" would be kind of close. If you want to know more about the project, go to my first post, which was an intro for this series of post.

It depends what you wish for, but you can choose among 8 rooms, 2 suites or a hayloft (how cool is that?!) .. I`d reccommend hayloft at least for one night, because it`s always good to try out the authentic experience.  C`mon, imagine... waking up in hayloft, enjoying homemade goodies for breakfast, pamper yourself  in bubble wooden tubs under the trees.... not bad, right? ;)
I know you want it, so catch your slovenian dream here. ;)

wooden tub

 If you take kids with you, they will for sure be happy to pet all the animals at the farm.. <3

We had a tour around the Farm and then they served us a "luxurios homemade breakfast" as I would say, because there was so many goods on the table that I didn`t know where to start, but I knew I want to taste a bit of everything (homemade bread, fresh cheese, pate, tunka meat cuts, jams and lots of other goodies). I raelly enjoyed this part, because we had a chance to talk with Marjana and Bojan and charge our phones :D (bloggers going crazy with taking a photo of everything .. that was a fun crowd to be around). 

+ you have to try their homemade pear products (juice for the morning and pear schnapps (on the left) for the afternoon/evening .. or both in the morning, just to make your day a bit. ;)

So, no worries, for sure you will find plenty of things to do, from cycling and walking trails, beach volleyball, football, table tennis, archery or simple enjoying the shades of trees.
If you wish you can also try yourself and help with the farm chores and perhaps help the owner to walk the horses.

So, leave your worries behind and decide for an "offline" weekend in the nature, exploring new things and spoiling yourself with good food, great company and wonderful landscape! ;) 

xo, Maja

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  1. Oddala glas :). Sicer pa hvala Maja za zanimivo povabilo!
    Kukam in kukam k postelji... hja, why not :)?!


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