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I am not in Spain, but I like to say that anyway. It makes me happy. Weird? Who cares really. 

So, today I played a game of being a fashion stylist and made some collages of super cool sporty clothes from Adidas StellaSport Collection. Ha, I know, it sounds good and it looks even better! 
I decided to participate in a challenge of making the best styling, so we'll see how that goes. Let me just say it was really hard to choose between so many crazy pieces, because I made like 10 different combinations, but I decided to show you only three from which I have to pick one to be my fav. 

If you're a wildcat for sure this Fall-Winter collection from Adidas by Stella McCartney, will blow your mind. Exotic patterns, fresh prints, unique lines... Rawr!

If I'm totally honest I wasn't sure of which one to go with, but in the end I decided to go with #1, because I think it represent me the best. At first there was an orange backpack there, cuz I wanted a  lil bit of contrast, but c'mon, leopard is in my veins, so I needed a touch of that as well and that's how I changed it. It didn't feel right though, cuz I used the same backpack in the second option (Uops). I was trying to use as much different pieces as possible. Also, as you can see below I'm obviously still a black/grey/white/blue/yellow combination fan and I freakin' love it! <3 

Don't forget to check social media for #stellasportychic & #adidastellasport, so you'll see all the cool combinations my fellow bloggers did. ;) 

This second one would easily be a winner as well. Yellow is always good, cuz it's bright and happy, like sunshine on the sky that makes your day + the leopard so it doesn't get boring out in the fields. :) Yup, I totally see myself in this as well. I added trainers as well, cuz I really love them. <shy>  

Ha, with this third one I aimed a bit retro look. Blue, red and stars (not sure that's so retro though). Ok, I always liked stars, and also red-blue combo works fine for me. It's comfy, it looks badass and there are stars included. What more do you want? Ah, this one also feels right, who am I kidding. 

So, tell me, what do you think? Which one convinced you? ;) 

Also, check out Tumblr from StellaSport and this video below where you can see collection in action. I know that if you are a sporty gal, you'll love it. Being trendy and chic always helps with the motivation for trainings, no matter what you say, I know it's true. ;) 

You can buy pieces from StellaSport collection in next shops: 

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Huggs, Maja

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