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Saturday was dull and grey, which doesn't mean it wasn't fun. We decided to make a day trip to Štanjel, a jewel of the Karst region...at least that's what they say and they are not wrong, oh no, they're not!
Štanjel is beautiful!

I knew it supposed to be something special, but I think we don't even know and appreciate all the wonderful things that we have. Everyone always goes to Bled, Bohinj, Postonjska Jama, Piran... but there is so much
more to discover than the usual, already well-known/promoted destinations.

Ferrari's garden, a unique masterpiece of the architect Max Fabiani.
Now you probably asked yourself, "but, who was Ferrari?"  Enrico Ferrari was a well-known doctor from Italy, Trieste and he obviously had some style and love for gardens. 

So cool. Self-service honey/postcards "maschine"

While walking through the narrow streets, the houses built in stone are telling you the story of stonemasons, 
who portrayed their experience of the Karst through stone. Every house has this little pretty details, all the gardens are well kept, everything is so cute and romantic. Ah, I loved it. 

The Karst people always had to cope with problem of the shortage of drinking water. A proof for that is 
also Štanjel with it's numerous stone wells in the squares. 
Very interesting is also the Romanic or Karst House with its ethnological collection (the photo below).

The colours of Autumn are amazing. I wish it would be a sunny day, because than everything would be even 
more spectacular. <3 

This is a square where you can enjoy your coffee/tea/wine. They opened in August and are only serving drinks + desserts, but they are changing their offer, so you will be able to have a lunch/snack next season as well. The restaurant has amazing views over the valley and has a really simple, yet lovely interior. There was also a black cat that enjoyed attention, but I think it doesn't belong to them. :) 

On the way back we were hungry, so we wanted to check if we'll find something in Vipava. It was really windy, drizzly and cold, so we picked the first thing, that we saw. It was a restaurant called "Gostilna Podfarovž" and
it was really nice. The staff was nice, ambient relaxed and the food was really delicious. I wouldn't recommend, it If I wouldn't enjoy it. I always say that to you and that's because I want that you to trust me. ;)
... and so, Saturday came to an end. It was a lovely one.

"Gostilna Podfarovž"

For more photos of Štanjel, check out my Instagram. If you have any questions or suggestions, what I should visit next time, let me know!

Also, for more info about Štanjel, click here.



  1. Lovely Saturday!
    Yes...'there is so much more to discover than the usual, already well-known/promoted destinations....'

    1. Sabina, res je! :) Se mi zdi, da vedno, ko nas obiščejo turisti, jim naštevamo kaj vse si morajo pogledati in velikokrat se najde isti izbor, kar me malo žalosti, ker imamo toliko tega za pokazati in ponuditi. V tujini ti znajo prodati neko čisto brezvezno hišo/mlako/piramido, ki niti ni vredna ogleda, mi imamo pa res lepe bisere, ki jih nekako ne znamo tržiti.
      No, pa tudi to se bo s časom izboljšalo, kajne? ;)

      Ti, si dobro?


  2. A, ne?! Res znajo... pri nas pa toliko kotičkov čaka na nekoga, ki jih bo ... da ne rečem ravno oživel :). Čeprav je pa fino, da kljub temu, da nekateri biseri, kot praviš, klub ne preveliki popularnosti, vseeno živijo in so urejeni in privlačni.
    Dobro, hvala! Vedno komaj čakam sobote :). Te imajo svoj čar... pa naj jih preživimo naokoli ali doma...


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