| Rainbow △ Rain drops △ Sunset |

Last week was grey and rainy, but Friday was magical. I had a feeling I haven't seen sun in ages. 
I got home and there was like a ten minute storm going on, than the sun started shining. I was sitting on the couch, when I saw it... A beautiful rainbow was showing off in all her glory, watching me through the window. 
So, I took my camera and made some shots. The colours were amazing. Autumn sun, you are the best! <3 
I didn't use any filters, no lightroom, nothing.. it is, like it was. It's the whole process, it went down in aprox. 
15 min --> Rainbow - rain drops on the window -  sunset.
After, it was time to get ready for a night out. It was all that I wanted, I danced into the Saturday. No better was, I'd say.  
Have a great week, a positive mind and a Monday, that deserves a shout out. 
(because, miracles can happen) ;) 

xo, Maja

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  1. Vedno lepa! Smo jo ujele in občudovale!
    Upam, da si ujela vse žarke sončka preko vikenda!
    Lep teden, Maja!


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