It's not usual I write beauty products reviews, but from time to time, why not. I am a girl after all. ;) 
I am a fan of natural cosmetic, but still discovering products that would be the best for me. I think with years we become even more aware that it's really important what products we use, because after all, everything that we use on our skin, has impact on our body and vital organs. If you are one of those people who live a healthy lifestyle, but only through healthy meals and having enough activities, than maybe it's time for you to consider what exactly do you feed your skin with. 

I got opportunity to review this lovely products from Planter's collection Natural & Young. First of all, let's make something clear... I'm a sucker for packaging and theirs got me instantly. I love it! They have many, many motives, so I'm sure everyone can get their own favourite one. 

Let's start with Repairing cream Natural & Young. It's quite thick and nourishing, which is not so good for my face, because my skin is well, a bit problematic sometimes, which means it's perfect for all of those with dry skin.  I did find it useful in other ways, so I use it as a hand cream and for that it's perfect. It also absorbs quickly so you don't have that feeling of greasy hands or leave marks on everything that you touch. You can also use it for dry, cracked skin areas. Oh, and it has a really nice smell as well. 

It contains: aloe vera barbadensis, karite butter, rice oil, linseed oil, St. John's oil, sweet almond oil
 paragon free  silicone free  peg free  alcohol free  petrolatum free  allergen free fragrances △ no animal-derived raw materials  lanolin free  nickel tested  dermatologically tested

The second on the list is Volumizing Mascara Natural & Young which gives you a great thickness and texture to lashes + it's also waterproof. I tried a lot of mascaras and I was happy with only few of them. I am truly happy with this one, because it's working great for me + it's natural. I have so many problems with allergies, which I often feel using eye products, so this one is a winner for me. I guess I can't tell you more, you'll have to try it for yourself. ;) 

It contains: extract of aloe vera barbadensis, carnauba wax, palmitic acid (from palm oil), tocopherol (vitamin E)
 paraffin liquid free  nickel tested  fragrances free  paragon free  ophthalmologically tested

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+ you can buy it in pharmacies. 

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