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So, this Food On The Go Project of mine is doing great... at least for me! It has really been a good motivation, so I was spending quite a lot of time in the kitchen this past week. I also need another motivation so I'll start burning calories a bit more that I'm doing that right now (sitting on my ass all day long is not really what I wish for). I need to find a sport that will be fun, challenging and won't take too much of my free time (cuz I already have none of it).  Thinking of Climbing for quite a while now... we'll see. Anyhow, the problem I have right now is how to make quality photos for you guys or at least decent ones, because I usually prepare my meals at 10pm when it's dark and I just want to go to sleep. The next day I eat it at work, where I have no pretty accessories + I'm in a hurry (that would be the first photo of Curry Cous-Cous). Second dish (yellow plate) is a Cauliflower soup with Cashews  and third is Jota - Istrian stew. They were also both made for dinner and the results are dark/quick shots, made a bit better with some apps. No worries, I'll improve with time... I always do! ;) (haha, so sure of myself a?) 

So let's see, first on the list is what I call a Curry Chicken Veggie Cous-Cous. 
We`ll make this very simple. 
You will need: 
a) Veggies: onion, garlic, kale, a carrot, cashews (haha I put them everywhere) and corn. 
b) Meat: Chicken (optional)
c) Herbs: Lots of Curry, a bit of Chilli, salt + pepper, red sweet pepper + Coconut Oil (optional)
d) Frying pan
I`ve started with frying onions, adding carrots, then chicken, garlic, kale and at the end corn. I've fried it for a couple of minutes, then I've added a bit of water just to make it more saucy like. :) After that, add all the herbs and then mix it, fry it a bit more and voila, the sauce is done. While you're doing this, don't forget to cook your cous-cous, that you mix into sauce and that's it. You're done and ready to eat it or just pack the food to go, cuz that's the point here. If you can heat it up the next day, would be perfect. 

Second dish is a Cauliflower soup:
You will need:
a) Veggies: 1 head Cauliflower, garlic (2 cloves), 200g choped leek, 35g cashews
b) Herbs: nutmeg, salt, peper, parsley
c) 2 tb olive oil, 1,5l soup base

On olive oil first saute garlic and then add chopped leek. Saute for about three minutes then add Cauliflower broken into florets and saute for another minute. Next step is adding soup base (if you don't have it, just use 1 vegetable (or chicken) cube and water). Wait until it boils, reduce heat and cook for another 30min. While cooking don't forget to stir a couple of times.

In the end you stir in salt, pepper and add chopped cashews. Mix until it's creamy. Before serving add parsley and nutmeg.

The third one on the list is something Slovene - Jota (Istrian Stew):
You will need:
a) Veggies: 0,5kg sauerkraut, 5-6 large size potatoes, 2-3 cloves of garlic, 250g of brown beans (one can)
b) Herbs: 3-4 bay leaves, 1 veggie cube, half of garlic cloves, salt and pepper
c) Meat: Sausage/bratwurst, 3 tbs greaves (optional)

I fried garlic, than added Cabbage and bay leaves and boiled it in water approx. 20 minutes (I recommend to rinse sauerkraut with water before cooking). Add salt, pepper and veggie cube. While waiting cook the potatoes in a different pot. Meanwhile cut the sausage and add it together with beans to the cabbage. Leave it another 20min. Add the potatoes, I mash it a bit, but not all of it, since I like to have some small pieces for the texture. You can leave it for another 10min and that's it. Bon appetite! I prefer this dish when its cooled down a bit or even better, the next day. ;) 

So, this is actually all from the last week cuz I had and intention to post this last Sunday but I was somehow caught in the week & piles of work, so I didn't make it. Today I was at the dentist, lost another wisdom tooth (no worries, I am still a very wise girl), so I am at home, hanging out with my couch, sipping tea and painkillers, eating baby food cuz that's all I can eat really and feeling sorry for myself (just a bit). To feel at least a bit productive I've decided it's time I post this. Sorry, but I have to say writing recipes in English is harder than I thought, so I am sorry for all the possible mistakes I've made. :) If you will cook smh from the above and want to clear smh out because it's not written detailed enough, please contact me. I will be very happy if you do that! ;) 

Have a great weekend and I hope I'll make another post really soon! 

xo, Maja

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  1. Recepti.. kot nalašč za preganjanje sivine in mraza. Le še kakšna snežinka naj pade:)


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