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I came up with this idea, because I ate so many sandwiches at work, that at one moment I was sick of it and I knew it's time to make a change. We don't have an option to eat cooked meals (unless you bring it from home) 
+ there is not enough time to go somewhere to pick it up + eat it, cuz we only have half an hour. Ok, well, 
maybe some people can, but I'm a slow eater and I can't stuff food in my mouth, because I know I'll feel sick later. :) 
So, with new year it's also time for changes and getting some things in order (even though I'm not a big fan of 
NY resolutions). I've decided to make a series of recipes that are healthy, delicious and easy to make + heating
up the next day is not a problem.

I started last week and I was quite good in turning plans into a reality. Not everyday day though, cuz I was
short on time, but that made me realise I should also think on healthy snacks, or super quick meals, when
I don't have time for cooking. Also, food prep is a big time saver. More about this into one of the next posts.

So, for tomorrow you can make this delicious meal that is a mix of vegetables + spelt. 

 Easy / Quick / Delicious Lactose free / Vegan / Vegetarian 

Yellow Pepper
(check the upper photo for all the ingredients)

1/2 cup 

Herbs & Oil & Other things:
Olive oil
White wine (1 or 2 tbs)
Herbs (I used a mix of everything I found and felt like it goes well with the dish)

I used a frying pan, started with heating the oil a bit. Then first I fried onions, slowly adding carrots, fennel, yellow pepper, broccoli and in the end garlic. Leave it a bit, then add 1/2 cup of water + wine + all the herbs, salt & pepper. Cook until all the water or just a lil bit is left and mix the spelt (that was cooking meanwhile)
into the sauce. Mix it and leave it to cool down. Pack it into yours on-the-go lunchbox and heat it up the next day in work. Voila, a healthy meal for one day, done! 

If you have any questions, great recipes or suggestions you would like to share, please leave a comment or contact me via e-mail: mikstejp.blog@gmail.com. 

Bon appétit and have a great Monday! 
xo M.

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  1. Enostavno in okusno, kaj? Sama uživam v kuhinji, kadar imam čas:). Ker imam možnost v službi tudi kaj pogreti, je toliko lažje. Čeprav kakšen koruzni čips.. skoraj ne morem brez njega:)Ali praženih sončnic, lešnikov...kot da obrok ni popoln:) Pa še kakšna fajn čokolada za desert in pokaš od energije:)
    Maja, želim ti eno nadvse dobro leto, polno čarobnih doživetij, zanimivih potepanj, dolgih oddihov, čudovitih srečanj, krasnih knjig, ustvarjalnih trenutkov in vseag, v čemer uživaš!


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