I believe that being fit is important in life. I guess not everyone feels or think the same, but I think that can help you with many things, both mentally and physically, so you can perform better, because you're stronger .. think about it. You're building your strength, eliminating toxins from your body, maybe have an hour a day just for yourself, an hour in the nature, an hour to spend in a gym with your friends, an hour where all your problems disappear, an hour to empty your head and leave all that stress from work behind, an hour to challenge yourself, an hour for whatever you want. If you can say I'm wrong, please do share your opinion with me, because I'd like to hear your point of view as well. If I think back, I can barely recognise myself. I was running 4-5 times a week, doing lots of strength trainings, trail runs, hiking, you name it. I ran on couple of half-marathons. I felt like the whole world is mine, because I knew I can challenge myself and I was able to reach my goals and go even beyond them. What happened next I didn't expect, but that's called life. I was unlucky with my health. Had some problems, nothing too serious, but enough to stop me from my usual afternoon trainings and slowly I lost it. The good feeling, the motivation, all the strength that I gained, oh and the shape I was in. I know it will be hard to go back there, but I decided I'll do everything and give my best. It's hard though, because now I can barely run 4k and I'm not enjoying it. Probably because I know how good I used to be, but I'm sure I'll find that again. Will keep u updated, I promise. I might even do a blog training motivation with a friend of mine, that used to "train" me. We'll see. What do you think? Should I make posts about trainings? Is that something that would inspire you to start being active? What does usually motivate you and what are your goals? I know, I'm being curious. :)

So, now I started to run twice a week + working out at home twice a week. I help myself with youtube, so I'll share some videos that I found and liked (also because a lot of my friends asked me about it). I'm sharing just one, but check them out, because they have many varieties of workouts, so find what's good for you. Also there are some good apps that you could use, for ex. I wrote about NTC here a while ago. I'd be happy if you leave some links in the comments if you know for any good online workout as well. Let's help each other. ;)

Have a good night and not too painful Monday! ;)
xo, M.

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  1. Sem že ugibala, po prvi fotografiji, če se v kratkih hlačah potepaš naokoli...
    Fajn prispevek... preizkusim kakšen video. Za dobro jutro... in sploh... včasih so dnevi takšni, da ne pritegnejo toliko na svež zrak...
    Lep teden, Maja. Pa velik trenutkov za športanje :)


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