Lately I have a serious lack of sun, because all we have are grey, rainy days. I can't wait to get some vitamin D and that's how I ended up admiring photos from PortoPiccolo in late Fall when I was lucky enough to enjoy probably one of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen. 

Why I loved it? Beside the obvious, it's really easy to get there with a car (cuz it's close to Slovenia), but no worries, it's only 15min away from Trieste airport, 5min from the highway exit, 10km from Trieste, 130km from Venice and also easy reachable from Croatia by car or sea, so there are plenty of options for you to choose, all you have to do is decide and go. It's great for a day trip, also because you can enjoy the Sistina beach, have a swim, soak up the sun or have a picnic perhaps. When you feel the need to move, go for a walk and explore, have an espresso or Aperol, relax and enjoy the views, because there is a chance, you will be amazed.

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