It was somewhere in the middle of September when I got invited to a lovely event held by design shop Formadoma (Mestni trg 11, Ljubljana) and Nina Štajner, an architect & blogger at Kitchy World. I met Nina on a blogger tour in Prekmurje last year and since then we're trying to have a coffee and a chit chat, at least once per two months. Maybe we should work on that a bit more, because well, you know how fast time flies by. ;) 

There were two reasons for celebration. Formadoma moved to a new, bigger space and Kitchy World has a new design and it looks very chic, indeed. ;) 

I took some photos at the event and you can see them on my Facebook page, but here, I'll share the ones that were made by a pro, because well, they're much better (harsh reality). 
As you can see, shop is full of wonderful things. I would need a van to transfer everything I liked, so I did my best and kept my hands away and wallet safe (khm, that didn't went as planned..). 

However, I enjoyed conversations with bloggers that I only knew through social media, ate funky colored macarons, drank Hennesy mixed with Tonic (I didn't know it can be mixed and it's damn good!), took some shots for instagram, gave a hug to Nina and wished her good luck with her business, then slowly walked back to my car, grateful that I took an umbrella with me, cuz the weather was turning bad and I was trying to keep the summer vibe alive. ;)  

This post should be online much earlier, but you know what they say, better late, then never. ;) 
It was a very pleasant afternoon and I'm happy I was a part of it. Thank you Nina. <3 

Love, Maja

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