I'm sure we are all struggling with the same problem when we get stuck at the airport for a couple of hours. WHAT TO DO WITH ALL THIS FREE TIME? When you're traveling in a couple or with friends it's maybe not even that big of a deal, since you have each other to have fun with. The real problem begins when you're traveling alone, but hey, no worries, you have options. Lots of them. In the last couple of years I did quite a lot of flying by myself and that's how I mastered the art of killing time at the airport and now I'm going to share some of that wisdom with you guys.;)

First of all, I have a little advice for you even before you leave your nest --> don't forget to charge
your batteries! Phone/mp3/camera, because you will regret it badly, trust me. I know you can usually charge your devices at the airports as well, but I wouldn't count on that, because I am always searching for power plugs and they are all the time busy with people playing games, forgetting there is a real world around them. Yup, better be prepared, than sorry. Also, an additional power bank and a pack of batteries is always good to have around.

First thing when I come to airport is always checking if there is available WIFI. I discovered this page few weeks ago and you should definitely mark it as your favourite, because it's a map that we all needed, but weren't aware of it, until it was right in front of us. It made me so happy. :) 
*btw I shared this also on my FB page. Do you follow me there too? ;)
Oh, and if you're wondering why this is so important .. Well, it just makes your life much easier, doesn't it? 

You can always be productive and answer to you emails or catch up on some work, but that's a bit boring, don't you think so? (*business trip excluded, because than you probably have no other option, or maybe...) 

If you have a cheap flight than probably it's way to early/too late and you are very short on sleeping. Try to find a place for you to rest your eyes a bit, but don't sleep too long, so that your flight won't leave without you. (yes, that can happen)  also, take care of your belongings, you never know.. nowadays even the airport control might take it away from you if it's going to be unattended for a while (wicked world we live in).

Here you have plenty of options. I have a little tradition already, having a muffin + coffee, while waiting for my flight. Can't really eat big meals before the flight, so that's perfect for me. If you don't want to spend money on airports, you can always stack up with your own snacks. I'd recommend that for sure, because it's always good to have something in your bag if hunger hits you when already on the plane. Oh, and an empty water bottle is a smart move as well, since you can refill it at anytime, everywhere.
 you can also have your own airport pub food crawl (maybe invite another solo traveler to join u and there you go, waiting is becoming fun. A lil' party never killed nobody, right?)

The most obvious one. Everybody does it at one point. You can read a book, a magazine or a travel guide of the city where you're headed to. If you have nothing on you, there is always an option for you to buy books/magazines on the airport. Also, you can organise your travel budget, make a travel plan, write a diary, whatever comes to your mind, just do it. 

Airport is the perfect place to observe people. I always do this, not just in airports, sometimes also on the public transportation, or I just sit somewhere in the centre, enjoying the music from my iPod and observing people, creating stories and names for them. 
You can try guessing where they are from and if you are really curious ask them in the end to see what a wild guess you made. ;) Anyway, creating stories is always fun, trust me... just free your imagination and see where it's going to take you.

For me, there is no trip without the music. I don't imagine traveling without my iPod. That would probably be the worst trip of my life. It's a habit and it's a thing I can't be without. Imagine having no headphones on the plane?! Don't even wanna go there!
Anyhow, on the airport, use it and maybe dance a little bit. There's a loooot of space for you there. You can maybe even find a dancing partner on the way. Ha, that would be fun. Make a boomerang on the way as well!

With all this free time, why not make something good out of it? You can finally answer that text you got like five months ago but never managed to answer or you can always send a postcard, because that's cool and retro. Is it though? Maybe. 

Walk around, check everything they have, try to find some free sample shots and get drunk (never did that, but also never found those shots). Once a bit tipsy, go around and try each and every perfume so you will smell divine on the plane. For sure, you will get a lot of attention. Haha, but still, have some limits, ok? 

 Try to overhear people's discussions, then tell them their gate has changed and enjoy when they'll rush away and you will finally get that seat you were watching for the past half an hour. 
 You can also walk around and tell people that they are beautiful. Kind words are always appreciated. 
 There is always an option of flirting with any shop assistant that is hot and has nothing to do. 
 Pretend you are doing a survey (about anything) if that's easier for you to talk to people + you'll get so much informations in a very short amount of time. Creeps. 

 make a photo collage or an insta/snap story
 comment on at least 10 insta photos (cuz that might increase your followers, at least that's what they say) *that was an extra tip btw!
 use apps like tinder to find a potential "soulmate"
 make funny sport videos everywhere at the airport (stairs!) and upload it to youtube. you might get rich and famous.

This post was actually written in a notebook at the airport while I was waiting for my flight to Germany. At that point I wasn`t  thinking about the photos too much, I was just focusing on the text, so I used some photos from my archive. First photo is from the airport in Ljubljana, second London and the thirds who knows, I think Zagreb. :) I did the reading, music, working, eating part + I answered a survey about the airport I was at, so 5 out of 11. :) 
 If you have any additional advices on how to kill time at the airport I`d be super happy if you`d share it with me. Don`t take everyting I wrote too serious, even though you could actually do all of the things that are stated above. Some suggestions came from a friend of mine that is a pro in flying and obviously has a sense of humor (his suggestions are mostly the ones from 6-10). Thank you  for brainstorming with me M. ;) 

That`s it. I hope you found this post useful and that you liked it. If so, give me a thumbs up below and don`t forget to sign up for my social media news to be updated regulary with all the wicked things going on in my life. Find the links on the top right corner.


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