Lately I've been a good girl when it comes to parties and going out, even though winters make me wanna stay at home and watch movies (all night long). This year I feel it's going to be different, because I feel like mingling, dancing, exploring and discovering new places on weekend getaways. A while ago there was a Friday night that I've spent with girls going to a place I've never been before, eat what I never tried before and see a new concept that I fell in love with instantly. 

Have you ever heard about SURF Institute? First question that popped to my mind was "why surf?" and here it is: S-ustainable, U-nited, R-esponsible, F-air. Thumbs up! 
Once per month they are organizing an event at Klub Mladinsko. If you missed this last one, no worries, new one is coming up really soon, to be exact, mark the date 11th of November, which is already next Friday, yey! You can find the link to the event here and don't forget to confirm your attendance. Btw, I loved it also because it can be your warming up place before going big with partying that night or it can be just an easy going night, with a couple of drinks, good food and talking to friends. You can also dance, since the music for sure won't let you down. My feet were dancing by their own. Oh, and the ambient is really cool, not too big, so the vibe is more intimate.  Just the way I like it. Wonderful. 

Photo credit: Romina Ivančič from Aluna Weddings.

See you next Friday? ;) 


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  1. Posebna izdaja;). Ne poznam, a se bere in vidi od daleč privlačno.


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