I love to run, but sometimes it's really hard to find motivation to do it, especially now when days became cold and dark. BUT, there is always a way. Aren't you already sick of making excuses? So, stop it. No more. Just run. 
Ha, that sounds easy, right? Well, one day while driving to work I was listening to radio and there was an interview with a marathoner (I forgot which one) and he said "there's no such thing as a bad weather, there is only poorly dressed runner" which totally got me. A few days later it was raining and I was just repeating that sentence like a mantra, went out and ran. Probably that is still one of my favourite runs, because everything was in the right place and I felt really good. Making intervals in rain and running uphill. Who would have ever thought that a girl who avoided running all of her childhood and even later in the years, would ever become a super big fan of running. Never say never, guys. Life prepared challenges for you and you should embrace them.

People are often asking me what I see/find in running? Because for some, running is boring, lonely, hard, without any real purpose and not satisfying. I get it, but you should also know that running is usually not working as a love at first run thing. You have to be consistent and persistant. With every run it becomes easier and better. You start to enjoy it and before you know it, it becomes an addiction. 

I run because I need to. It became my stress and negativity filter and when I come back from running, I'm like a new person. Feeling fresh and energised. And, If I don't manage I become a very cranky person and nobody really wants that. ;) 

It helps when you establish goals. Make it a day goal, a weekly, monthly. Whatever it would keep you motivated. Establish a goal for a new distance, making it personal best, losing weight, not walking, running up to that hill you're flirting with. There are plenty of options for you to choose. Make a combo, so the goals will be even higher, but don't push it if you're a beginner. You know, slow steps will take you far and remember, race results stay on google forever. 

It often happens that people give up on running before they even get to the point where they would enjoy it. Usually because we're expecting too much, too fast. Like I said above, take it easy. If you're a beginner, combine running with walking. You don't need to run 5k, you're running for yourself, so if it's only 1k it's better then 0k. ;) If you had too much training in the last couple of days, take a break. You need regeneration, don't forget that. Your performance will be improved afterwards for sure. 

If you know there is someone waiting for you, there is no way you will miss out on that training. Invite a friend for a run where you can motivate each other and catch up while stretching. ;) Who knows, maybe even go for a beer as a reward of that extra 3k you pushed through with great team work. ;)

If you're running the same road everyday it can become a bit unsatisfying. Spice it up. Explore new paths, go wild and discover the beauty of trail running or run uphill for a change, do intervals. With mixing it up, for sure it can't be boring, but it can be challenging and that's what are striving for. 

As shallow it may be, it helps when you have new gear and you shouldn't feel bad about it. It's always fun to test that new watch with extra features, or try out a new pair of running shoes, because they're so comfortable that you can easily run further then planned. C'mon, especially we (girls) love to look good while running as well, aren't we? ;) BTW, here I'd like to say that it's not neccessary to buy the most expensive gear there is, you just need to find the one that's working for you. Also, what I think it's really important is that you don't buy your trainers by the looks, but by functionality. If it happens that you like them as well, you have a win win combination. On the photos I'm wearing running clothes from Hofer and especially the top became my favourite piece of running wardrobe. It's soft, warm, comfortable and it have gloves. Kind of. (check out the gif right below). :) 

There are some runners that are just not into listening tunes while running. How weird is that? Seriously? I mean music is my life. I do everything while listening to the music and with running, it gives me that extra push. I have a story (of course I do). When I was running my second half marathon I was in pain because at 19k I got cramps. It was terrible, but there was this song that gave me all the strenght that I needed. I volumed it up to the max (be careful with sound while running on busy roads, you should still be aware of your surroundings) and just continued, the pain disappeared untill I came to the finish line and that was good enough for me. The point here is, that you should at least try it, so you'll know if you're anti-music or pro-music runner, haha. 

It's always helpful to pick up a good read (books/magazines) where you'll read all the inspirational stories that will make you want to go out in the dark and run that ultra. Also movies and youtube can be very motivational, trust me. I discovered Anton Krupicka and trail running while randomly browsing youtube and since then, I have a dream. Let's leave it to that. 

As much fun all those gadgets can be, sometimes it feels good to just let loose and enjoy a run without everything. 

If you plan a date in a google calendar, then make a date with running as well and set an alarm.  If it's in calendar then it has to be for real, no? ;) 

You never know when you'll have an opportunity for running, so keep a bag packed with your running clothes in your car. It's always better to enjoy a 20min run, then no run. I started doing this the previous year when I realized that I come home way too late, but If I take my things with me to work,  I can enjoy an afterwork run with light and perhaps some sun, which is a luxury in the winter time. 

Ok, I guess this is it. I hope you find it at least a tiny bit useful and if you liked it, push that fat like button below. ;) Also, if you feel like sharing how you motivate yourself, leave a comment. Maybe share your favourite tunes for running? Or favourite gadgets ... 

**I am not a professional athlete, all this is written in my own humble opinion**

Photo credit: Miha Matavž Photography (#pohorcapproved) - special thanks <3 



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