I`ve been in Vienna in the beginning of the month, which you probably already know if you`re following me on social media (you`re missing a lot otherwise!). ;)
It was one of those weekend where I was testing my blogger skills. I was trying to vlog, but honestly, that`s really hard for me, I`m just not feeling comfortable in front of the camera, so instastories and a lil snapchat is enough for now. Maybe somewhere in the future.... who knows what that will bring us, right? Anyhow, I enjoyed a lot and now I'll share some of the wisdom with you guys.

If you are deciding on where to stay, here is a lil' tip for you --> try 25hourshotel!

There are eight 25 hours Hotels in their five (Berlin/Vienna/Hamburg/Zurich/Frankfurt) favourite cities and they are all different, tailored to each location. Sometimes cool, sometimes colourful, sometimes nostalgic, sometimes mundane.

I had the pleasure to stay at the 25hours Hotel at MuseumsQuartier. Their design is inspired by history, since Vienna has always been synonymous with sensations and shows - a place for visitors to see and be seen. The first permanent circus opened at Vienna's Prater amusement park back in 1808. Throughout Europe, the circus experienced its heyday in the early 20th century, when it was a combination of a freak show, a chance to gawk at people from faraway lands and vaudeville entertainment. With this in mind, the Augsburg-based design team Dreimeta focused on classic circus attributes when they interpreted the theme for the 25hours Hotel at MuseumsQuartier and they did a good job! ;) 

I honestly loved everything about it. It's the right amount of everything that I love and you instantly have that good vibe that feels like home, which is really important to me while traveling. It's wicked, warm, cozy, colourful, sexy, surprising and magical.

I wrote down some of the reasons I think you should stay at 25hours hotel Vienna

ROOMS  Just check this photos below and tell me you don't love them? I'm totally fine with owning one of this room like for a month and become the Vienna explorer and a member of an invisible staff, haha. Maybe I could also paint one of my walls like this? Doubt that though, do not have good drawing skills. Do you? ;) 

1500 FOOD MAKERS △ All you need. Cozy ambient, friendly staff and good food, so make sure you have enough time when you go for a breakfast, because you will want to enjoy it. If you want to make nice clean shots, go early, when you'll be almost alone, because everyone else is still snoring and dreaming about their breakfast. Trust me, experience talking. If you're in a hurry early in the morning, don't be sad, there's grab'n'go option for you as well. ;)

ROOFTOP BAR - DACHBODEN LOFT △ This was definitely one of my favourite things about the hotel. The view is amazing - you can do some great insta/money shots from here (day or night). The vibe is very relaxed, chilled, almost like you are having a lil gathering with your friends in someones living room. Don't be surprised if you'll find it hard to leave. Enjoy a glass of wine and admire the view on twinkling lights of Vienna.
*Opened for everyone, not just hotel guests.*

PHOTOBOOTH  Make memories and take them with you everywhere, also in a shape of photos we all love so much. Why? Who knows. Hipster thing I guess, but I love those black&white funny face  whatever photos that come out. Are you already making a collection of those? I got my first ones in Berlin, of course. Oh, and there is also a photo of a chill out area in the lobby and if you look closely you will see that there is also a "jogging corner". Yup, that's right. They have everything! 

WELLNESS so called MERMAID'S CAVE △ is good and you should take some time for working out in the fitness and visit sauna, because that's good for your well being and also because you should take advantage of what hotel is offering you. There are this really cool swings, where you can relax, sip some tea and maybe have a chit chat with someone swinging next to you? Hm... or just enjoy of that spa-relaxed effect, when everything slows down and you find your zen. 

KIOSK  where you can buy souvenirs for yourself or your dear ones. Do not expect to find anything ordinary here and by ordinary I mean "the usual stuff" that you can find in souvenir shops, when searching for firelighter, magnet or postcard. :)

BURGERVILLE  is something I haven't experienced because they already finished for this season. You know, Winter is here. BUT, I'm sure I'll be back to eat a burger and have a Frittz-Cola. If you'll check their IG you will see how many people come to hang out in the park in front of the hotel. Wonderful. Also, you don't need to be staying in the hotel to enjoy this (just so you know). 

"The road embraced me, let me breathe, and more importantly, did not judge me." (M.B.Dallocchio)

This post was written in a friendly collaboration with 25 hours-hotels
I'd also like to thank Vienna Tourist Board, which made our traveling much easier. 

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