Who wouldn't want to fall asleep with a view over the castle? This is just one of the many perks Ortenia has to offer. Before I forgot I'd just like to remind you that I already did a post about Ortenia back in 2014 when it first opened. You can find it here, in case you wish to refresh your memory. :) 

In November, I've got a chance to actually spend the weekend in this lovely eco-apartments in Podčetrtek. It was a wonderful timing, since work was piling up, so a weekend getaway with my girl Tjaša was perfect, even though it meant I will have to work a lil' bit during the stay as well. The weather was not on our side since it was raining the whole time, but that didn't ruin our short holidays, we just changed our plan a bit. Hiking was obviously not an option, so we just stayed in and enjoyed the warmth of the apartment. 

Getting to Podčetrtek is easy, especially if you have a smart phone and google maps. :) 
(You'll find the map and address on the bottom of this post as well)

You can stay in one of the six studios (Azura, Herbaria, Levanda, Rosa, Oriana and Inocentia), each with its own story. We stayed in Inocentia and it was everything one could wish for. Honestly, I think this is one of those places that is not easy to find, of course it depends on what you are searching for, but if you want peace, nature and beautiful surroundings, than this might be the thing you're looking for. 

Why eco-appartments? They wanted you to connect with nature while enjoying the perfect comfort of their accommodation. They created this effect with a whole range of sustainable elements that adorn the interior of their apartments, such as clay plaster, stone, solid wood furniture, decorative and functional eco-accessories, accessories from the nature and the transparency of the outer walls through which the natural environment is projected into the rooms.  Find more about the Eco design here.

Now, let me take you through my experience...

First we needed to deal with the bureaucracy in the reception and to make that a better experience we got some Mint syrup (I think, not sure though, since my memory is playing games with me), which was delicious btw. Also we had to choose our breakfast (and you have a lot to choose from, so that's not a fast proccess) that was served to our doorstep next morning. 

Then we went to our room, where we found this chocolate treat from Čokoladnica Olimje. I'd recommend that you definitely visit this choco heaven when you're in Podčetrtek and if you stay in Ortenia you only have 5min of drive. Easy. 

The studio is absolutely amazing. When I grow up I want my home to be like this. :) 
Cozy, warm, natural colors, sustainable and beautiful. 

You can't get other food than soup here. You can choose between a couple of them though and it's a great brunch to get some energy and warm you up a bit. You have a fully equipped kitchen so you can make yourself a lunch/dinner or go out and eat in one of the nearby restaurants. We decided to go with a pumpkin soup, which turned out to be a great choice. Yumms! ;) 

You can chill in the common area or in your room. Whatever suits you the best. 
After a rest, it's time to hit the gym, right? ;) 

After a workout, grab your sauna bag and go to a spa! I know, it's so good it's already kitchy, but c'mon, imagine you are spending a grey, rainy, cold weekend in a place like this? The best! Haha, I'm still excited when I think about it, because I really enjoyed it. Everything, the whole package was absolutely amazing and it was really hard to leave this magical place. Oh, you can also make an appointment for a massage. 

As we know, the light in sauna is not the best, so we only managed to do this two shots below. On the first one is me doing a mirror selfie before going into a sauna (such a great shot I know) and on the second is my friend Tjaša being an assistant, taking care of the right position of the candles which you can't even see, haha. It is super romantic with like 10 candles everywhere, too bad you cant't get the vibe, cuz you would love it. Thanks girl, for supporting me and having nerves for all the photos, compositions and boomerangs. I know it's not easy! <3 

After a day like this, I couldn't wait to dive into this comfy bed. It was like sleeping on clouds. 

I slept like a baby and then in the morning, first thing first... 

After a Coffee, there was a Breakfast, a bit of chilling, packing and slowly saying good bye. 
You get your breakfast in a traditional Slovenian basket called "Holandarca".  In summer days you can enjoy it outside on the terrace, catching morning sun. You get only locally produced food which I support big time. #supportlocal & #liveauthentic would be the right hasthags for this, haha. :)

So, goodbye Ortenia, untill the next time and there will be a next time, I'm sure. ;) 
ps: Did any of you guys ever stayed in Ortenia? 

📷: Iphone only 
This post was written in a friendly collaboration with Ortenia.
Everything that I write in my own opinion. If you have any questions/doubts/thoughts that you want to share with me, please leave a comment. Thank you. <3 

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