Friday afternoon. Heavy snowing. Excited to go on a girls weekend in Kranjska Gora, but also a bit sceptic if we'll make it since it was snowing like crazy. I left work an hour early so I won't be too late, but of course the universe had it's own plan. The drive that usually takes me 45min, prolonged into an hour and a half in a heavy winter conditions. It would be a lie to say I didn't enjoy it, after all it was a first glimpse of white winter this year, but if it would only start to snow later in the afternoon it would be perfect. First car left earlier and I was in the second car, which was obviously great due to my delay. It turned out I wasn't the only one having troubles that day, so that was let's say a bit comforting. :) Our way to Kranjska Gora was a real (and long) adventure and I'd like to give a shoutout to Petra that proved to all of us that she's one hell of a driver. Anyway, I don't want to bore you with all of the details, so let's fast forward to the actual weekend.

Haha, ok, I need to be pragmatic here, so I won't end up writing an essay of all the things that are not really important, but sometimes that happens you know. Why? Because I have big brains with a lot of data inside and I want to share, share, share! :D 

It all started with Nina from Kitchy World inviting us to join her on a weekend getaway in an apartment she renovated a while ago. She did quite an amazing job and I'm not saying that just because we're friends, but because Apartment Dolinka is really everything you could wish from an apartment on a winter vacation. It has that warm, cozy feeling which is really important for me. Also, the difference between before and after is BIG! You don't believe me? Check it out here. I felt relieved when we finally arrived, because we were all there safely + I felt super excited of what the weekend will bring us. Friday night was easy, just sitting around the table, catching up, snacking and relaxing. ;)

Do you know what is the formula to a great, productive weekend? 6 girls that are all somehow connected with digital world, full of energy and ideas, willing to brainstorm all day long as far as they have a champagne (do not be mistaken, that's not all we drank, we had vitamin water as well!) & snacks to keep them going. ;) So if you are asking yourself right now, let me tell you, the answer is YES! We took photos of everything, everywhere, over and over and we were fine with it and that was the best feeling ever. So liberating for a change! ;) It was an INSTA weekend after all! <3

Probably you're asking yourself who are the girls that were with me and I shall tell you. I already mention Nina, who was the initiator of this girls weekend getaway. She's an author of Kitchy World, a blog where you can find a lot of inspiration about interiors and architecture. Be prepared though, you might want to refresh your home soon. Katja from Povsod je lepo will take you places and show you the world. I have to say she has the funniest stories from her travels. I really enjoyed them. They (Katja & Mic) are currently traveling Asia, check it out! Valentina is an uprising instablogger and an Executive editor at Fashion.si. Petra is a teacher and she is still getting into the amazing world of social media and so does Teja, who works as an interpreter.

**Oh my, I almost forgot! After hours of brainstorming we came up with an idea of making a girl power community and Punce po svoje were born! For now, you can find us on Instagram and Facebook. Don't forget to tag us with @punceposvoje or #punceposvoje if you want to be featured and share your story. ;) **

We decided to kick of Saturday with a brunch and it turned out kind of amazing. Haha, I'm still proud of what we did, because it looked good, it was super photogenic and of course, delicious! It took some time to prepare all this. You know, move the table closer to the window so we had a better light, make the perfect composition, prepare all the food, take turns of taking photos, .. Haha, you can't be hungry for a brunch like this, because probably you'd go nuts by the time it would be all done with a green light to finally eat. And that my friends, is the charm of an InstaWeekend. ;) C'mon, look at the table, it's #foodporn (sorry, I had to). :) This would not be possible without Hofer Slovenija, that made sure our tummies were all the times saying yummy! ;) 

After brunch it was time for a day trip to Laghi di Fusine and we had to hurry to catch the sun. Our ride was Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake and our designated driver was Nina. Obviously, she blends great with the interior. :) Now, everybody that knows me fairly good will tell you I'm not really a car person. I mean, I don't know much about cars, cuz I was never really interested in them, but let me tell you, I could drive this baby easily, haha. I knew it will be comfy and beautiful, but it surprised me with how much space it actually has and how it responded to the icy, snowy road. Wonderful. (is this a very girly comment on a car?) :D 
Let me be clear what I meant when I said "much space". We were 5 girls with luggage and backpacks. I was afraid we'd leave the luggage and come back for it, but no, it was easy.

We were lucky enough to have a beautiful sunny day. A true winter fairytale. 

It was lovely, but I was frozen. I even fell down in the snow while taking photos and my coat froze, which means my ass froze! Great, huh? :D It was damn cold, even though it was sunny. I couldn't be happier when we came back to the apartment, so I could get warm by the fireplace. It felt so good. <3 
Ok, in between we stopped for a coffee and lunch, but no photos of that here. I can't show you everything, for that you have to follow me on my Instagram and follow my InstaStories! (wink wink) 

We were planning to continue the night somewhere out, but in the end we stayed in sippin' on gin and champagne, laugh and talk, until we all realized it's already late and we should go to sleep, because we needed to get up early to take some more photos (what a surprise) and clean up the apartment before leaving the place we called "home" for the weekend. 

This photo below shows you a perfect example of a team work. :) Nina taking a photo of me while I'm trying to capture the best shot of the table and Katja taking a photo of both us two while working. 
I love it! <3 Thanks girls for being there and helping me out! I love sharing and connecting with other people, I think we don't have enough of that and that's too bad. From my experience, people here don't feel comfortable sharing knowledge or help you out, because they feel threatened. In my (humble) opinion I think sharing is the best way to grow. What do you think guys? Are you comfortable with sharing and helping others even though they might work in the same area as you are or you're more of an one-man-band kind of person? :) 

We packed up and left to explore Lake Jasna and have one last coffee in Kranjska Gora. Beautiful. Photos speak for themselves. <3 

This is it. I took you through our weekend and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I was trying to make it short, haha. Sorry if I didn't quite manage to do that. ;) 

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  1. Haha, res sem uživala v objavi, čist si zabavna :D
    Fotke pa itak, čarobne <3


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