Be prepared for a lot of good food. If you're hungry and reading this I am not responsible for all the food you're going to eat later. :P

If I am honest I have to say I never had holidays on Slovenian coast. Maybe when I was little, but I don't really remember that, so let's say it doesn't count. :) So, I was really happy when this opportunity occured and I was able to do a friendly collaboration with Lifeclass Portorož to take you through a (culinary) day in Portorož. 

First stop in the morning was at Cafe Central, because I need a good cup of coffee and breakfast to start my engines. Here you can find a decent breakfast for a good price, around 4.5 - 6 EUR. They offer a variety of sandwiches, toasts and salads. We tried "Ištrian" and "Captain's toast". Both were delicious, so you can't go wrong with either.

When we finished here it was already 32 degrees outside and it was only 10 o'clock. Yeah, we picked one of the hottest days, but we managed just fine, because we were lucky to have a reservation at  Meduza Exclusive Beach. This beach is usually reserved for the guests of the LifeClass five-star Hotels, and it includes a deck chair, beach umbrella and beach towel along with a top-quality service. Can't complain, lucky us! 😇

After a while we were in need of something cold & sweet and Ice-Cream was the obvious answer. 
Just a short walk distance away from the beach there is an Ice Cream Cafe Central. If you feel adventurous or just want to try something new, I recommend you try exclusive flavors - Portorose rose and Argentinian caramel with Piran sea salt. For me, Portorose rose was a dream, while Argentinian caramel was a bit too sweet for my taste. Igor tried bourbon vanilla and pistachio and they were both delicious as well.

After this, we went back to the beach for another hour of sunbathing and then snack (brunch) time at Spuntin. Spuntin is located right next to the beach and offers a variety of snacks like fish & chips, chicken salad, fries, etc. It's great for a midday snack when you're not really hungry, but you want to eat something. The portions are quite big, so don't expect to be hungry soon after the meal. You can also borrow a picnic basket and have your brunch wherever you want to. Great idea, right? ;) 

Before the grand finale (dinner), we stopped at Prosecco bar, for a glass of what? Guess! :D Haha, prosecco of course.  You can come here in the evening, enjoy a glass of prosecco (or two) and maybe dance a little. 🍹

... and last, but not least on the culinary list of the day was a dinner at Istrian Bistro & tapas bar. I've been here once before, so I knew what to expect. Since we already ate a lot during the day, we decided to go with tapas of chef's choice. You can pick 3, 5 or 7 tapas. We went each with 7 and we did not regret it. Everything was beyond delicious. I love the fact that all ingredients are of local producers so you can experience real Istrian bites in one place. You should also try a dessert and of course a glass of wine from the region. I always go with rose Batič - just a hint, even though it's from Vipava. ;) 

Have you seen the cheescake? Have you? Oh my, favorite of the day! <3

So, you think we came to an end right? Well, almost! Bare with me a bit more. 
The day couldn't be nicer, but to top it off, we finished with a foot thai massage on Meduza Exclusive beach. For a moment there, I even forgot we didn't leave the country. How often does that happen to you!? ;D 

Untill the end of summer there is a different event every night. It starts at 8.30 pm. From Cuba nights, to BBQ friday, Oriental weekends and Lounge sundays. Something for everyone really. 
There was also Thai food, Thai beer, you name it. 

And this below is not a lemonade, but a HUGE mojito! Great for sharing with your friends! Also, very kind to your wallet, which we all appreciate. 😜

 This post was written in a friendly collaboration with Lifeclass Portorož.
Thank you Anja, for making it possible! 💜

Everything that I write is in my own opinion. If you have any questions/doubts/thoughts that you want to share with me, please leave a comment. Thanks! <3 

📷: Igor & Me


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