KRNSKO JEZERO LAKE △ 1391 metres
The largest alpine lake in Slovenia
400m long
150m wide
up to 17m deep

There are more paths leading up to the Lake, but most of the visitors take the path from Dr. Klemen Jug House in Lepena. There is also a parking lot and a perfect opportunity to visit the toilet before heading towards the lake. ;) The path winds through the forest which is great because you have much needed shade most of the way. It is clearly marked, so you can't get lost, unless you talk to much (which almost happened to us). :) It is a bit rocky, so proper shoes are needed if you don't want to have a twisted ankle (just a suggestion). Btw, on the way towards Lepena, you will pass Soča (small village), where you will have some beautiful views, if you stop for a short walk (the photo above).

It takes you aprox. 2.15h to get to the lake. You will reach the hut by the Krn lakes a bit earlier (after 2h of walking) and then you have another 15min to the lake. You can have a drink or a lunch there and then continue the way. I would suggest you pack some snacks and drinks into your backpack and enjoy the lunch in the nature when you reach the lake, because it's absolutely wonderful. Sadly, it is not allowed to swim in it, as it could endanger its sensitive ecosystem.  Too bad I know, but we have to respect nature. ;) 
It is surrounded by some amazing mountains, so if you are up for more hiking, there are plenty of possibilities. We finished at the lake, since the weather forecast was not the best (be prepared for the summer storms) + we didn't do much hiking lately and didn't want to push ourselves too much. 

It is a great day trip, especially in hot summer days. The temperature in Ljubljana was 35 degrees and up on the lake, lovely 25, so it was really hard to return to the city heat. 
Oh, and if you will find or hear the plural "Krnska jezera lakes" it refers to Veliko (Krnsko) jezero lake, Dupeljsko jezero lake, and the smaller Jezero v Lužnici lake. 

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