There is one thing I really want to write about for a long time now, but never find the time for it, so I'll include a little piece of that in today's post. Obviously, people are thinking about it, since I got tons of questions regarding the same matter. Curious already? ;)

It's the whole being a blogger thing and most of all, how many days off work do I have? First of all, let's make something straight. For all of those that might not now, I'll explain my situation once again. I have a full time job, that takes most of my time and energy, but it's not really in the field I'd wish to work, so I'm trying to change that (for a while now). I am also a freelancer, working as a content creator for Hofer Slovenija and I am also a blogger. So, you can imagine I don't have much time for other things while handling work, family, friends, boyfriend and all the other activities that come along. It can be quite overwhelming sometimes you know...
The good thing is that I turned my hobby into a job, which is something that I always really wanted and this makes me so, so happy. You can't even imagine, this was just a dream for me a couple of years ago, and now I'm basically almost living that dream. I am so grateful for everything that happened to me, but I know it's because I was persistent and because all of the hard work that I've put into things I believed in. I started blogging years ago (6y) when I didn't even know blogging can be a business. It's crazy how social media and bloggers/influencers are changing the world. I am really curios how far this will go. Do you ever think about this things? 

Oh, and about my days off. People often think I'm on holidays like forever and that's because social media is fake. Yup, I've said it. Fake as it can get. You have to understand that everything is planned. Posts are not instant, even though instagram was meant to be for instant photos in the beginning, now is just a well planned grid. I can make a trip during the weekend, but I'll post this photos later that week as well, maybe even a month later, or a year. Whatever works really. And, I mean, c'mon, do you think girls go on a hike trip with a picnic basket and a beautiful dress? Or, wake up with make up, perfect hair and the most beautiful breakfast + flowers in bed (like in a movie scene)? ;) 
Well, not really, that's all just a well planned post, which means work. But, if you are a creative mind, than this work is also fun for you and that makes everything much easier.

So, yeah If you want me to be exact, I have 23 days of holidays and I try to use them as smart as possible. Obviously, If I'd want to make all the press trips, travels, work and everything that I would wish for, this is not enough and I struggle with this problem year after year. So, please don't judge people, it's just a matter of priorities and everyone has their own ones. 

Now that we made that clear, I'd also like to bring up what I think it's really important...


With all this craziness we shouldn't forget on ourselves. It is important we take time and relax in a way that works the best for us. I love nature, sport, just be with my people, hang out, have a gin tonic if I may, dance all night long, read a good book or treat myself with a lil' pampering at the spa. 😇

On a Saturday, a while ago I was invited to Wellness Idila at Terme Zreče. It was my first time there, so I didn't really know what to expect, but in the end I went out like a new person. I had a facial, a massage and a delicious lunch. Every girls should treat herself like this from time to time. Believe me, you all need it. You can go with a girlfriend or alone, which btw if you ask me is a better option. Yeah, sometimes I really enjoy being all by myself. Weird? Perhaps. But, I think it's a great way for recharging batteries away from everything and everyone (it doesn't mean I don't love you folx!). ;) 

I've been to a massage and a facial before, but honestly, I really enjoyed this treatment at Wellness Idila. First I had the massage and oh my, I was blown away by the masseur (forgot the name as usuall, Im sorry). 😇 It was a full wellness massage (50min) and I enjoyed every minute of it, even though it was a bit painful at moments, but that's the way it should be, right? She found all the right spots and afterwards I felt absolutely wonderful. 

After the massage I had a facial, which was not the cleaning facial that I usually have. I have problems with skin since I remember, so not every facial is good for me and I'm also quite demanding when it comes to it. I don't trust everyone and I don't try everything. I was treated with C-collagen, and oxygen + radiofrequency from the device called M3. I had a face massage, a piling and a mask and the combo of all the things did wonders to my skin. It was hydrated, soft and it looked younger and nicer (trust me, even Igor noticed how nice my skin was). 😜 I really like that they choose treatment depending on your skin so it's not prefixed, if you know what I mean. 

Btw, do you remember the post I wrote about my stay at Hotel Natura? I had a facial there too and it was amazing as well, but different. I'd say you can't go wrong with whatever you decide to try.

Before heading home, I had a lunch at restaurant Atrij. I don't think that in the last year I ever had so much food for lunch, haha. Seriously, I'm not used to eat the whole meal anymore, I usually just have one dish and that's more than enough. Here, I started with delicious asparagus soup, continued with pumpkin & wild garlic rissoto and this soft, big juicy peace of meat. I ate it all. Yes, everything, gone, finito and it was so damn tasty! I mean Slovenia for me has the best food in Europe. I am a foodie and we have great chefs and quality ingredients, so it's not hard to find a good meal, but that doesn't mean every meal is on the top of the cream de la cream list. ;) 
Oh, oh, oh ... and the dessert. Just check the photo, I think it doesn't need an extra explanation. 👌

 This post was written in a collaboration with Terme Zreče.
Thank you! 💜

Everything that I write is in my own opinion. If you have any questions/doubts/thoughts that you want to share with me, please leave a comment. Thanks! <3 


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