Sometimes life happens and surprises you in a way you didn't really expect. It doesn't really matter, it can go both ways - good or bad, but whatever it is, you have to deal with it, before you can move on and that's exactly what happened to me. I didn't post anything for a while now, except one Food on the go project post (which you probably noticed) and I hope you're still with me, because I'm ready to share some great things that happened to me & that will happen in the next months.

If you're following me on social media (instagram/facebook) you more or less already know what was going on this last couple of weeks. Some press trips, some holidays, some festivals and life in general (work and more work).

Today I'm going to share impressions from a weekend getaway that we had with Punce po svoje (Valentina + Nina, Katja is at the moment exploring the world) in a collaboration with BMW Slovenija and Posestvo na Škaluc. It happened a while ago and I know I am writing this post ridiculously late, but hey, you can always book a vacation or decide to drive in this beast. This kind of things never get old! 😇

This time I was the designated driver and I have to say it was a great (read: badass) experience! :) My friends know that I am not really into cars (whoa!).  I mean, for me a car was always just something that brings me from point A to B and if it's comfortable and safe, so much better. Also, I will be brutally honest now, BMW would actually not be my first choice if I could pick, but you know what they say, you never know what life is going to surprise you with and I sure did get my wake up call. ;) 

I think it's fair to say that I was amazed. I got to drive BMW 3 series touring  and would love to take it home and never return it (who wouldn't really). I am not going to give you any techincallities, because well, I'm clueless in that area (girly as it can get, but I promise I will do my studies for the future). I can simply share that the drive was easy, soft and cozy, the grip on the road was great, especially around the bends. Also, the sound system is damn good! <3 (don't you pretend that's not important, I can survive long road trips only with music). Oh, and one other thing, it's a beauty, on the inside and on the outside (cliché I know). :)

So, you see, everything under control, except I have to warn you... it's really hard to say goodbye. 💘 

We started our trip in Ljubljana (where we live) and on the way made a short stop in Celje (my hometown) for a walk and a coffee while soaking up the sun. I won't post any photos here, cuz I want to take you straight to our final destination - Na Škaluc

It's a great destination to escape bustling streets and enjoy the nature. You're surrounded with hills, meadows, birds and horses. You'll find peace for sure.

You can sleep in this fairytale treehouse and enjoy wellness in the nature, which is situated just a few meters away and is absolutely beautiful. Enjoying a hot tub in the middle of the forrest .. not so bad, right? ;) And, have you seen this treehouse?! Bring your kiddos, for sure they will think they woke up in the middle of their dreams. :) 

I am a foodie, so obviously food is very important to me. I like to eat good and I appreaciate local and good ingredients. Meals we got were healthy and simple, but delicious!
Breakfast outside was the best ever, especially since we didn't have that much sunny days at that time. Also, don't be surprise if their gorgeous fluffy cat will be around, he is needy and always hungry, like all the other cats around the world. :) 
We were also again spoiled by Blender group, with their Froosh smoothies and Riri coconut water. <3

 We were just hangin' and chillin', waiting for the sunset which was btw, amazing. 

... and we finished the night catching up next to a fireplace, enjoying yet another delicious meal. 

📷: Iphone only 
This post was written in a friendly collaboration with Na škaluc, BMW Slovenija and Blender Group.
Everything that I write is in my own opinion. If you have any questions/doubts/thoughts that you want to share with me, please leave a comment. Thank you. <3 


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