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I was in Barcelona last month and I still haven`t shared any photos with you guys. I`ve been busy and a bit lazy, but I finally did some selection of all the photos, so here is the first set. I know Spain is colourful and full of life, but I kind of felt, that this photos have to be b&w, so I decided to divide photos into two posts and make the  first one about architecture and the second one about the street (colourful) life. ;)  

Btw, how was your weekend? Mine was pretty cool, maybe a bit too cool, cuz it went by way too fast! I`ll share details in one of the next posts this week. I have quite some material prepared for you, I just hope, I`ll have the time to share everything with you guys.
In the meanwhile, you can keep up with my updates on my FB page, Instagram and also Povio! ;) 
Oh, and if you`re not checking my fb page, than you might don`t know about the "picnics" that I`m doing in my hometown...if you are from Celje, around Celje or just on a one day trip to our beautiful small town, you are more than welcome to join us on the 15 of June in the city park next to the river (you can find the link to the event here).
Have a great "what`s left of the Sunday" and I wish you a great start of the week! ;)
xo, Maja


  1. Res dobre fotke, prav paše, da niso barvne.

  2. Luškan urtinek dogajanja!!!
    Zaradi toliko preteklih kapelj, sedaj težko sledimo vsem piknikom, zaključkom, praznovanjem in izletom. Morda pa bo le naslednja nedelja prosta:)
    Prijeten teden tudi tebi!

  3. Zanimivo je videt vso to prelepo arhitekturo v črno beli kombinaciji.

  4. thats a great picture dear
    i really love it

    i have followed you first baby

    do you want to follow each other ?

    follow me on ^^


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