I hope that by now you already know about our project Punce po svoje, because if not, that means I haven't spread the word good enough. ;) A couple of weekends ago, we were invited to Herbal Glamping, which is ran by Charming Slovenia. To be honest, I haven't heard about it before, so when I checked their page and photos, I couldn't wait to be there. 

We were really lucky with the weather, because rain was the forecast for that weekend, but in the end we had beautiful sunny days. Oh, and wait for it... we had the whole resort for ourselves which was f. amazing. :) They gave us a tent with the most beautiful view over the resort and were the most helpful staff I ever experienced. 

HERBAL GLAMPING has 10 glamping tents. They are offering a culinary experience in the Herbal restarurant (breakfast, lunch, dinner), herbal workshops, feel good treatments, picnic in nature, dinner at the campfire, group games, organised childcare, rent of an electric bike and different activities in the surroundings. Depends which time of the year you visit, but I am sure you will find enough activities to keep yourself busy.

If you have never been glamping, I am sure you're asking yourself how do this luxury tents look like from the inside? I have to say I saw photos, but I didn't really imagine how big tents are, or if it's really as cosy as it looks like. Let me tell you, it's big, cosy and wonderful, so no doubts needed. ;) 

You can see from the photos that you almost don't have a feeling you're being in a tent, more like a cabin. ;) When showering you're right under the stars, so in summer I'm sure this must be a really nice experience. Katja and me were sleeping upstairs on the bunk bed, right under the "roof" and we felt the crispy air outside, but were sleeping like babies, because we were covered with a 500g duvet that was keeping us warm. Winter can't touch you (https://goo.gl/ui8Yy - I always loved to give you a little music input in my posts). 😇

As mentioned previously you can also apply for a Herbal workshop. We were making our own herbal soaps. That was a first for me and I am really happy about this experience. Petra took us to the Herbal garden (yup, they have their own garden with herbs, veggies and fruit) where we picked our flowers for the soap and learned a thing or two about herbs. Did you know that basil is also an afrodisiac?  😜 (this was the only thing I really remembered lol)

They also serve their own green herbal coctail! Healthy and strong. 😁

After all this new knowledge, guess what? Girls were hungry! Instead of a dinner, we decided to have a picnic powered by Hofer Slovenija. So many goodies and we ate some while being in a hot tub! Pretentious, I know. 😀 

To finish our day in style, of course we ended up in sauna, where we had some proper girls talk. I think we went to sleep around 1am, so the next day waking up early (around 9) for breakfast, was not the easiest thing for a sleepyhead like myself. :) Breakfast was delicious, with a great choice of local ingridients. We even got our own inspirational quotes on the plates. Mine was: "Invest in people, who invest in you".  Love it, will do! ;) 

After the breakfast, we slowly packed our bags, took some more shots (a lot actually) and continue our way towards Ljubljana. 
Thank you Charming Slovenia for this magical weekend with Punce po svoje.

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Everything that I write is in my own opinion. If you have any questions/doubts/thoughts that you want to share with me, please leave a comment. Thanks! <3 

Love,  Maja


  1. Waaaaaaaaw, kako lepo <3 Super, da ste tako uživale! xx

  2. Noro privlačno.
    Gremo dalje, a ne? Jaz pa vam pomaham, ko pridem do Ljubnega ;))


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